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A little bit of Tunisia, at home

Even though our trip were focused and devoted solely to work we managed to bring some Tunisian treasures home. Kelim, wool and other textile pearls. They mix good here. It’s nice to be home.

Can’t wait to tell you more about the project Anna and I will work with as a result of our trip. It will be a lot of juggling in the nearest future, I can tell you that much. But of course I will tell more about it very soon.

Artist Norbert Schwontkowski, via Mieke Willems.

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Bye Tunisia

This has been an amazing trip. Different from all others I’ve done. Two warm and very generous new friends (+ Anna) has in this short time given me a different perspective and hope for the future. Sounds grand, but it’s true.

Constant on the move the last couple of days.

Many exciting visits and lots of new knowledge.

Now back to Sweden.

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Report from Tunisia 4

Tunisia from a narrow perspective.

In a dotty dress.

So many expressions, ideas and thoughts. So we will build something together with these nice people from the other side of the world. Will probably be one of the most interesting assignments during lifetime.

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Report from Tunisia 3

Colors, patterns and graphics all over. The working days are long and interesting. Meeting friendly people at different production companys. Awesome and a bit unreal with this unique opportunity to look behind the scenes.

No time for the beach, even if we occasionally have felt the winds and smell from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Tunisian election.

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Report from Tunisia 2

We are here, we are really here. Our baggage too. In Tunisia.


We tour around, with help of two warm hearted guides. Today we visited porcelain and ceramics workshops. Almost too good to be true, this. Tomorrow up early for a trip to the textile factory. Everybody are waiting for the election result.

Nebamun Tote Bag.
Wallace Sewell, scarfs.
Point Pen – Turquoise Blue.

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Report from Tunisia

Hej, we are in Tunis! Blogging from a very sloooow line, but still. Arraived a couple of hours ago. Our luggage didin’t.

Will have to use the same socks tomorrow then, when we will be visiting some local textile factories (exciting!).

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Anna and I are leaving the autumn and are on our way to Tunisia.
Wish us good luck.

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Anna + Tunisia soon

There were a lot to look at, at Hdk’s vernissage at Gallery Oro today, even if I mostly had eyes for Anna’s lovely creatures. Remember my visit to her shool aterlier the other day?

Anna and I will hang out a lot with eachother the nearest future. On Sunday we are flying to Tunisa togheter. Tunisia will have their first general election after the revolution in January this year. Actually it will be their first general election in many years. But that’s not the reason why we are going there, nor vacation. We are hired by a Tunisian company for which we will do some textile patterns. So exciting! Really looking forward to travel with Anna, and to see the whole production chain in Tunisa. I do hope I will be able to blog from there.

I will bring this (Swedish) book Tummelisa eller den andra vildmarken.

Johanna Rutter jewellrys.
Modigliani, paintings.

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