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House of Rym news

House of Rym is a Tunisian company, founded by Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef. In 2011 Rym and Zied invited me and my colleague Anna Backlund over to Tunisia and gave us the assignment to start a new brand, the brand become House of Rym. ”Built on a love affair. Between contemporary design and ancient handcraft. Between Sweden and Tunisia. Between intriguing aesthetics and sustainable materials.”

Since then House of Rym has extended their collection and added a range of clever designers. Above team: Emma von Brömssen, Cecilia Pettersson, Elisabeth Dunker, Karin Strömberg (new for this year) and Anna Backlund.

If you can’t wait for more House of Rym news peeps, check out their Instagram or Facebook.

Photo: Hilda Grahnat.

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The multi-functional fouta

Are there any more practical and beautiful textile than the traditional Tunisian “Fouta”? Useful in so many ways, no matter which time of the year it is. We use them as towels, blankets, and sarongs (excellent to carry along on the trip). The bigger ones we use as bedspreads or cloths and when we went skiing up north at my mother’s place we even wore them as scarfs.

Our foutas in the shop is hand woven and designed by my friend Anna Backlund/House of Rym. I love them all, but maybe “Remebering the Tartans” (top and bottom in this post) is in the lead at the moment.

Above, the Sur la Plage fouta.


Towel photos by Sara Gust.

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About new things

Many things are going on here at the moment. Changes, pretty big ones as well. Looking forward to it all, it’s positive changes. But first some news coming in. As you might remember my colleague Anna and I went to Tunisia, October 2011 to meet the lovely couple Rym and Zied. Our trip ended up with Anna and me creating the brand House of Rym together with Rym (yes her name is Rym) and Zied. It sure has been a journey. And that journey is still in progress. Actually our new collection for House or Rym is about to see daylight any day now. Even though there will be only parts of the collection available in the shops at first you will be able to see most of it here in advance. So if you are curious about what’s coming be sure to peep in here and there. Tomorrow for example, or the day after that (depending how much time and energy the new week has to offer). I might show some at Instagram as well.

Two of our new porcelain parts (and wooden salt & peppar mushrooms) premiered at the kitchen table today with Quorn vegetable stew and cheese sandwiches.

Nice plant theme in Potipoti spring/summer collection 2013. I especially like the potted cacti scarf.

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Slacker and Rym at Formex

God morning. Yes we sleep loong in the mornings, when we can. Today we could. A night person I am. The kids too, it seems like. Actually I’ve always thought that society oppresses us night people with their day times. I feel discriminated sometimes. All the early meetings, dental appointments and opening hours. I feel so much better when I get to follow my own clock. One might think that I’m a slacker. But that’s ok.

Don’t miss House of Rym if you’re going to Formex! My colleague Anna will be there and our Tunisian friends Rym and Zied. And some of the other clever girls that are working with the brand. I will not be there. But my cup will. In stand: AG:17

Hello new followers at Instagram :)

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Me, Anna and Rym

I’m grateful and happy for nice words from Tiger today at the blog DIY or DIE. There’s an interview with me in Swedish, a part of it roughly translated to English below:

What type of products have Anna and you made for House of Rym?
At the moment we’ve made olive products such as bowls, spoons and coasters. Wool rugs, a series of porcelain and textiles – Foutas (traditional Tunisian towels), bags and pillows (not produced yet).

And together with Fia Miari we have also worked with the graphic identity, website, fair shows, photographed and staged the products – Created a brand simply. Or at least laid the groundwork for it.

Is there any product you are particularly proud of?
I really like porcelain series that Anna and I made together. It was a fun and rewarding collaboration that resulted in a number of different patterns. In their characters quite different but still “talking to each other.” The idea is that you should be able to mix and match as you please.

What has been the inspiration of this collaboration?
The main inspiration has been a meeting between Sweden and Tunisia, between us and them. The crazy story. The Tunisian couple who contacted me and Anna unaware that we share studio together. The trip to Tunisia where they welcomed us with open arms. How they took us around with with such joy and warmth and gave us opportunities!

(Above, Fouta designed by Anna Backlund).

From what I understand, you’re not particularly fond of order, strict lines and perfection? Why is it so exciting?
I am a sucker for handmade, spontaneous and not too polished expressions. Basically because I care about that there should be no right or wrong. And because I enjoy when people affirms the desire of creating. Regardless who the creator is, or what background he or she has. (And because I like what it looks like of course).

I believe I also interpret a genuineness and playfulness in things as I understand as not over worked. A feeling that I often found hard to capture myself in my own work. I need to remind myself not to think too much. So I fail in an early stage, ha ha.


(Logo by Fia Miari)

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While we’re on it

THANK YOU for all kind and nice comments about Anna‘s and mine porcelain in the last post. You made us feel uplifted and strengthened in such a good way. We really needed that. It has been intense months for us (we are still not in port, but we are getting closer).

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about the porcelain. The plan was to make different designs for the porcelain parts, with different expression. But our wish was that they would “speak” with each other anyway. That the consumers can get a cup with one pattern and mix it with another, just as they wish. How do you feel about mixing, would you appreciate the freedom of choice? Or would you prefer to have the same pattern and style on the cup as on the plate? My guess is that most of you prefer to choose yourself. Or do you think it’s just confusing and disparate?

Some more glimpses of my part of the porcelain (the black bow cup above is Anna‘s design though). Oh, our Tunisian colleagues are going to the Birmingham spring fair (5–9 February, 2012) with all our Rym-designs this weekend. If you are there, be sure to visit Hall 9, Stand 9L52!

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My first rug

First a phone call saying that a big parcel is on its way. Then a ping on the door a couple of days after. I am rarely so scared and excited as when I open packages with samples in it. Sometimes you get happy and exhilarated, sometimes you get less happy and more sad. Or sometimes you don’t know what to feel. You might just have to sip the picture for a while. Walk around with it, rest your legs on it and then look again. I’m looking at this fellow now. His name is Otis. Otis the rug.

Otis is a hand hand-woven wool rug made for Rym (remember Anna’s and mine adventure), which will appear on the web soon.

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Frozen raspberries

The only thing he has eaten the last few days. Doesn’t keep the fever away, but it’s good medicine.

The mug from Camilla Engdahl is just wonderful to eat and drink from. I’m glad to say that it will be available (+ in other colors) in the shop very soon. My spoon will also be available, not so soon but sometime in January-February, in RYM’s collection. RYM is the name of the “big project” that Anna and I have been working hard with the last couple of weeks (remember Tunisia?). We are ready with all the designs now, the spoon is the first peep I show you of our work.  Can’t wait to show you the rest.

Christmas tree by Yumiko Froehlich.

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The big project

For about two weeks ago Anna and I went to Tunisia in the belief that we would make a couple of illustrations for the Tunisian company that exciting enough hired us with a very short notice. When we got there it turned out that our assignment would be a lot bigger than we first expected. Seriously this project is crazy. If I have ever said that I have had limited time before, ha how ridiculous-sounding that seems today.

The weird thing is that I’m pretty calm and easy about the situation. I read magazines, blog, I do homework with the kids, I even clean here and there. Must be the effect of running. Or am I just high on excess adrenaline? Ok I don’t sleep much, and I might miss a bunch of mails occationally. But as a whole, it’s all right.
The cup above is favorite cup of mine. Simple, handmade and just perfect to drink from. Bought it at a Christmas market at HDK a couple of years ago. Wish I knew who made it.

Crazy as said, but unreal fun and exciting. Like this part, porcelain.
Painting pillows, gorgeous.

She makes cute illustrations. Look here, here, here and here.

Double Merrick has new prints.

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Ok, a little too much in the bag right now. There is a lot that needs to be done. It’s delightful to work with great colleagues, however. Working with the concept, born in Tunisia. Need an assistant more than ever. (Photo by Anna).

Brent Wadden, great artist.

Delicate, sweet new dresses Up The Wooden Hills.

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