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Snowflakes, all year round

As you might saw at Instagram if you’re follower, we will have snowflakes waiting for us in the windows when we get back, in spring.

More here and here. How to Make Paper Snowflakes, You tube.

This was a while ago, fun to see it in print finally. Home Swede home.

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Snowflakes + sale

As mentioned yesterday we will have a sale in the studio next week. These paper stars has nothing much to do with it, more than they look good carrying the next week’s date:

Wednesday, 25 september, 2013

Fine Little Day Studio
Stigbergsliden 5, floor 7

VÄLKOMMEN till Fine Little Day shops utförsäljning av prover, andrasortering samt ordinarie sortiment. Hitta porslin och härliga foutas från House of Rym, diverse 10-gruppen produkter, posters, barnfiltar och mera – allt till mycket bra priser!


How to make paper snowflakes.

A couple of more of mine here.

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