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Pattern Afrika galore

Ok there is quite a lot of patterns and different colors in our apartment these days. “Eh, how…wild.” as a polite visitor said the other day.  Our new wallpaper, Palm Leaves by Cole & Son has given our bedroom a touch of Africa. Well that’s kind of wild.

The bedspread and the rug from the shop are adding even more Afrika. What do you think, too wild?

For Swedish readers: SVT butiken ska läggas ner. Passa på att handla för halva priset. Den här fantastiska filmen t.ex.

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Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang – finally

I might be the happiest person laying in a sofa with a laptop on the stomach right now. This movie, Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang has been on my wish list for at least 10 years. A stop motion doll movie based on Barbro Lindgren‘s children’s book about the characters. It was shown on Swedish Television 1975. I had a short (about 3 minutes) long clip from it on a VHS long time ago that watched until the band broke. Then, (I believe it was Lisa Jeannin) showed me a longer clip on You Tube. And finally, a couple of days ago Moa Hoff wrote on FB that she had bought the video. So over to SVT to buy my own copy. After watching it two times tonight I can say it is as good as I remember. The feeling is raw, simple and true analogue. The speaker (in Swedish) Toivo Pawlo is delightful. The amazing dolls are made by Karin Erskine. And the scenery, drawings and the story by Barbro Lindgren are exceptional.

The great-grandfather thinks he is a cuckoo and lives in the top of a pine tree.

Gustav, the theif behind bars come and goes as he wants.

The story: Loranga is the craziest of fathers. He runs around with a floral tea cozy on his head and a red bathrobe flapping around his legs. He loves music and hates work. But things are working well anyway, because he always finds a few bucks on the stove and his little son Masarin helps him if things gets too hard. Out in the woodshed lives Masarins grandfather, Dartanjang who are hypochondriacs (and slightly demented). There is also a giraffe living in a dump, an evil old man, a thief (Gustav) and more.

Earlier Barbro post.

Dolls made from Children’s drawings. Thanks for the tip Bea.

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Sunday how nice + winner

Cute pig fellows that soon are showing up in the shop, reminds me of a favorite childrens book character, Benny. Author of the Benny books by the way, is Barbro Lindgren, one of Sweden’s best childrens book author ever. She is also a very good illustrator. Oh and as said before, how I love this stop motion animation after Barbro’s book Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang.


And congratulations to you Veronique, you won sponsor MimiPong‘s giveaway. Thank you all of you who commented, and thank you MimiPong!

Have you seen Camilla Engman’s (Morran’s) new blog, Studio Morran!

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Still some summer left

I have often wondered what it would feel like to live in a country where the sun is shining more than three months per year. The kids are wondering too.

Mr Sponqui, a blog I like.
Loranga Masarin och Dartanjang, a stop motion animation I like (via Lisa Jeanning).
Tyra Von Zweigbergk, a portfolio I like.
Folk Object, a Tumblr I like.

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2011/01/06 Illustrator Barbro

Barbro Lindgren, author of several of my favorite Swedish children’s books, has worked with numerous of great illustrators, like Anna Höglund, Olof Landström and Eva Eriksson. But the best illustrations, she has made herself in my opinion. Like the illustrations for her book Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang, here as CD book. And the illustrations for the book Alban. Popmuffa för små hundar (below).

The comic book about Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang, is illustrated by Barbro’s niece, Sara Olausson. Just bought it here.

Barbro’s pig Benny, animated.
Olof Landström’s  Kalle Klätterträd, and Farbron som inte vill va’ stor, You Tube.


Barbro Lindgren, författare till flera av mina barnboksfavoriter, har genom åren samarbetat med flera av Sveriges bästa barnboksillustratörer, som Anna Höglund, Olof Landström och Eva Eriksson. Men i mina ögon är de allra bästa illustrationerna dem hon gjort själv. Teckningarna  i Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang, och Alban. Popmuffa för små hundar – fantastiska. Sara Olausson, Barbros systerdotter har illustrerat serien om Lorangafamiljen som kom ut för något år sedan på Positiv förlag. Köpte den precis, här.

Här har jag också bloggat om Barbro.

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