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I did it :)

About a year ago I decided to start running. I was 41 and had never ran before in my life. Have always thought it was nothing for me. But then I bought a pulse watch and a Spotify Premium account and suddenly I found it fun, and nice. I’m not a competitive person, but to compete against myself, to strive to do better has always been a driving force. My goal with the running was to be able to run a Swedish mile (10 kilometer) under an hour’s time, within a year. And now I’ve made ​​it :) It was not easy. But rather fun. Ha.

On monday I’m starting a new project, if I’m able to continue it for more than a week I’ll tell you about it. I’m determent and looking forward to it so hopefully it will work out. Today I’m celebrating with Kiwi chocolate ice-cream and chocolate walnuts. Melt dark chocolate, dip the peeled kiwi (put it on a stick) and freeze it for about an hour. Good!

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