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Mora Armatur / Dalarna

Just landed in Gothenburg after a trip up north visiting my parents and joining this nice and quite unreal event #livetruntkranenevent invited by Mora Armatur, Catarina and Nanna. Wow Dalarna ♥

Cheese, wine and spa. I can get used to this.

Evening dinner, with lingonberry water and pine cone ice-cream for desert.

Mora Armatur’s nice people + the blog ladies Sofia, ElinNathalie & Matilda, Linda, Hanna, Nanna, me and Catarina.

Frykås, filled with “fäbodar” (traditional old log cabins) and an amazing view over Orsasjön, Siljan and the mountains.

So, day 2 we got not only a private tour to the famous Zorn house (more about that coming up), but also glimpse in Mora Armatur‘s making of faucets, which they have been doing since 1927. This old, hands on, genuine and ultra modern factory at the same time, is a pumping heart of Mora. In the workshop we had after the tour we got a closer look of the designed steel giving water around the clock to families around Sweden and some parts in the rest of the world. Yep, from now on I will look with other eyes on the water faucets I meet.

Fell in love with the series Mora One designed by architect Thomas Sandell.

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Annacate lives here – last post

As said earlier I really enjoy the visits I’m able to do in the name of the blog here and there. Such a treat to visit creative and warm homes like Cattis, Robert and Stella’s. Hope you enjoy it as well. Be sure to peep in to Cattis Instagram Annacate and blog Another side of life for continuous boosts.

Tack igen Cattis.

Rug from Kvart Interör.

This lovely home makes me think of another greenish favorite visit I did here.

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Annacate lives here 4

William Morris Honeysuckle.


Below William Morris Golden Lily.


“Just my cup of tea”.


Next post, the last from AnnacateAnother side of life.

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Annacate lives here 3

Once upon a time this apartment was a shop. The door to the street is hidden behind the William Morris wallpaper. The concrete glass and big windows placed at top of the high walls gives the rooms a soft, nice light. Not only the floors are painted, but the stairs as well. Different shades of green runs like a red (!) thread through the interior.

I love how they how they made ​​use of the height of the room with String shelfs.

The iron furnitures on the yard has beautiful rust and oxidation which makes them look older than they actually are. Cattis bought them at Indiska just a couple of years ago.

Rusty and beautiful Pinterest board.

A lot of CDs and a lot of bronze details.

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Annacate lives here 2 / Stella’s room

Even though this home goes under the label “apartment” it actually feels more like a little villa. The apartment has for example two floors. On the top floor there is a hallway, a bedroom, bathroom and the 6-year old Stella’s room.

Painted wooden floors. The family had to renovate quite a lot when moiving in four years ago. I got to see some photos how the apartment look before – really it looked like a complete other place.


As you might got a glimpse of in the last post, the apartment walls are decorated with a bunch of William Morris most beautiful wallpapers. Rests of those wallpapers are reused in a creative way in Stella’s room.

3 more posts from Annacate coming up!

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Annacate lives here

I really like Instagram, the peeps into peoples everyday life. When I first stumbled on Annacate‘s Insta I pressed “follow” immediately. Not only did I felt honored discovering they had a lot of Fine Little Day products laying around in their beautiful apartment, but what an apartment! From the pictures I guessed that they lived somewhere in New York, London (still very cool places for me ;) or something. Then I saw that the apartment were located in Sweden, and after a while I realized that the family lives here in Gothenburg. This was some time last year. After following the account a couple of months I had the nerve to ask if I could come and visit. And yesterday I did.

This place is actually located not far from where I live. I could never guess that something so special could hide among the “ordinary” houses in Majorna. The apartment (from the pictures I first thought it was an old villa) is home for three. Cattis, Robert and Stella 6 years old.

As you might understand this visit will be showned in several posts. Could have stayed for days and photographed, and socialize with the uber nice lady of the house.

Also check out Cattis blog Another side of life.

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