Stylish blinds / Emma von Brömssen

Finally some really nice blinds. Talented pattern designer (and friend) Emma von Brömssen‘s collaboration with Sandatex was shown today at Remfabriken here in Gothenburg, what a hit!

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New book by Klara Person & Karin Cyrén

Now this is a great children’s book collaboration, two of my favorite Swedish illustrators/authors Klara Persson (this time author) and Karin Cyrén (illustrator) has made Sören, Sören, Sören. A book about three brothers all called Sören. Confusing when everyone comes when you call their name.. Published at Urax.

“Det fanns tre brorsor. Den första hette Sören. Den andra hette Sören. Och den tredje hette Sören. Men vad snurrigt det blir när alla tre kommer samtidigt när man ropar. Eller när de svarar i varandras telefoner! Hur ska man hålla reda på vem som är vem? En sprallig ordlekshistoria om namnet Sören, och om hur fel det kan bli när Sören Kassören bara kan räkna till tolv och Sören Dansören helt saknar balans.”

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Bohemian children’s wear

“Bohemian children’s wear inspired by far-off places, designed whilst daydreaming, made to treasure…”

Having worked in the fashion industry for the past decade Apolina founder and proud mama Caroline, had always loved bohemian embroidered dresses and set about trying to find some teeny versions for her daughters Veda and Bon.

We had the honor to host Caroline and her family in our country house this summer, I just love these peeps from their stay AND all other cuteness!

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Water lilies

New pattern, hope you like.

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WoW 2016

2016′s Way out West was muddy, rainy and good! Best of the concert I visited was Kamasi Washington & Miles Mosley + Big Sean.

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Henning Trollbäck + Minä Perhonen

Getting updates from my friend and colleague Henning Trollbäck who is in Tokyo, Japan painting this amazing wall for Minä Perhonen (!) right now. How I wish I could be there!

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Hemslöjden Skåne, Henning Trollbäck and Fine Little Day

As you know, a lot of folkart handicraft materials are locked away in drawers, libraries, and journals which not always are easy to access. During the 1900s, Swedish handicraft associations built up unique collections of objects. These items are cataloged and digitized to make the material available for a wider audience (everyone) at

The collection of handicraft objects is a totally unique and important part of the Swedish handicraft history. The cataloged and digitized archive makes the objects available for anyone enter the museum online. This is the material me and artist Henning Trollbäck went to take closer look at, at Hemslöjden Skåne in Kristianstad and Landskrona a couple of days ago to be inspired for our common collaboration with Hemslöjden. But as said, anyone can access these treasures at Me and Henning will dig into this (yay!) the coming months, to make from and spread the word about. A great possibility to look back in history using social networks to reconnect with long forgotten treasures and traditions, some at risk of disappearing altogether.

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Hello yes, kind and saintly for the camera (photographer Lena Lundström).

Enjoy the digital collections of Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening at You’ll find everything from wooden spoons, photographs and candle holders to quilts, dolls, aprons and more.

Take a look here to find all the folders from not only Skåne’s collections but all the Hemslöjden regions in Sweden.

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Urban gardening in Gothenburg / Växtverket

A splendid, urban garden centre has opened in Majorna here in Gothenburg, stuffed with good looking plants and garden accessories. This innovative place is called Växtverket and is run by Lisa & Lisa.

Växtverket Instagram.

Fixfabriken, Bruksgatan 17, Göteborg.

Above, Doktor Westerlund. (The only plant I know the name of, kind of. Smells good.)


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Exhibition Karin Cyrén / Welcome!

14/5 – 29/5 2016

Vernissage 12 – 16.00, 14/5

Fine Little Day has the great honor to present a new artist collaboration, where Karin Cyrén has created a limited edition collection of posters, soon available in the shop. The posters and original pieces are exhibited at Fine Little Day in Spinneriet in Lindome, Sweden.

Karin Cyrén travels between the abstract and more figurative storytelling, unforced and self-explained, in playful movements. Details, color combinations and shapes intermingle flighty and floating with soft and sharp brushstrokes. Seemingly driven by lust, in it’s own direction.

Fine Little Day has the great honor to present a new artist collaboration, where Cyrén has created a limited edition collection of posters, soon available in the shop. The posters and original pieces are exhibited at Fine Little Day in Spinneriet in Lindome during the second halv of May, with vernissage 14/5, 12 – 4 pm.

Cyrén has participated in exhibitions at, among others, Grafikens Hus in Mariefred, Swedish Institute in Paris and Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna. She studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata, Japan. She has been working a lot in the field of children’s books, where she has both illustrated texts written by other authors and created books of her own, like ”Strandstaden” and ”Vem hämtar vem?” with Siri Ahmed Backström. These too will be possible to buy in Fine Little Day’s store during the exhibition period.

Very welcome!


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Travel finds

Turned into a poster.

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