Britas Hus

Postesiell reklam för Gysinge Byggnadsvård, som eventuellt blir en samarbetspartner/uppdragsgivare framöver. Och ett passionerat möte med Britas Hus.



Listen to this: I was told by Gysinge Byggnadsvård who are preserving and creating sustainability in old and modern homes (and a potential coming Fine Little Day collaborator) about this amazing place called Britas House. So I took the train up to Gävle, met up with this lovely lady from Gysinge Byggnadsvård and followed by car Emmas Norelius to her childhood, family farm in Häckelsäng, Bergby.

Emmas’ grandfather’s father’s father built the house which stood ready in 1895. The owners before Emma and her husband was Olle and Brita, who lived here in the 1940s and until 1985 (the same year Emma was born). Emma who grew up in the neighboring house spent time here as a child. She used to sneak in when her grandfather was away, wandering through the house, playing with glasses and things she found interesting.  As a grown up she moved around a lot before realizing she wanted to live in her childhood village and getting the opportunity to inherit this cherished house.

Indeed are old environments and buildings powerful reminders to us of the way of life of earlier generations. I can tell you my heart beat hard when I stepped in here with the mind wandering not only to movies like Fanny and Alexander but also to more decadent motion pictures like Grey gardens, with vanity, art and upper class coloring the air. The richness of  this place, the grand and partly untouched interiors – such a precious pearl.

Emma’s family, husband and two children are planning to move into the house in the future, but since they are occupied with full time jobs, the renovation of the house is going slowly. A good thing maybe when making conscious and sustainable decisions.

An old piano, framed portraits, tile stoves, heavy patterned rugs and drapes, skillfully made furnitures, velvet textiles, delicate old wine glasses, crystal chandeliers. Oh this place, and the light!

The kitchen that was renovated in the 50′s, Emma’s parents was supposed to move in to the house in the 80s but luckily (Emmas words) they did not. If they had, things had probably not been as preserved as they still are.

A wide ( and uplifting!) variety of styles. Has there ever been a better word to describe an environment than “eclectic”? Don’t think so.

I will not kill the darlings but show you a bunch of more photos of the other rooms in coming posts. Still have a little hard breathing after this visit.


Tack igen Emma, för att jag fick komma!

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Caravanserai, Gävle/Sweden

Another remarkable experience during my trip to Gävle the other day, was the meeting with the skilled craftsmen and fashion haute couture tailors at the studio and trading house Caravanserai.

One of them has previously worked for Lebanese star designer Zuhair Murad who dressed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Another one worked as a tailor in Damascus in Syria before he came to Sweden. Here they are working not only with their own textile line and restoration of second hand furnitures, but also with prominent clients like Svenskt Tenn and Ida Sjöstedt among other things.

(A caravanserai was a roadside inn where travelers (caravaners) could rest and recover from the day’s trade routes journey.)

This place – filled with ethically sustainable organic textiles in premium quality + A lot of knowledge within production in sewing, masonry, painting and wallpaper. So inspiring, can we have this in Gothenburg please?!


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September work spaces

Shoots in mirrors, under beds and through soft barren greens – in order to build the myth of neat and romantic workspaces, in the city apartment and studio in Lindome.

I like the Monika Mulder designed pendant Mobil 100 for Pholc.

The Viggen wool sweater, stolen by the son.

And this neglected space, not exactly cared for by any skillful urban gardener.

Inspiration and encouragement are waiting though, through these two books on the reading list Edible Cities and Gatsmart odling.

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Zorn House

As a part of the blog event #livetruntkranen with Mora Armatur we got the opportunity to see one of the most famous homes in Sweden, Anders and Emma Zorn’s. A private guided tour in the artist’s almost untouched environment. The Zorn house is filled with antiques, woven tapestries, sculptures, furnitures and paintings by Zorn himself.

Read more about artist Anders Zorn.

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Mora Armatur / Dalarna

Just landed in Gothenburg after a trip up north visiting my parents and joining this nice and quite unreal event #livetruntkranenevent invited by Mora Armatur, Catarina and Nanna. Wow Dalarna ♥

Cheese, wine and spa. I can get used to this.

Evening dinner, with lingonberry water and pine cone ice-cream for desert.

Mora Armatur’s nice people + the blog ladies Sofia, ElinNathalie & Matilda, Linda, Hanna, Nanna, me and Catarina.

Frykås, filled with “fäbodar” (traditional old log cabins) and an amazing view over Orsasjön, Siljan and the mountains.

So, day 2 we got not only a private tour to the famous Zorn house (more about that coming up), but also glimpse in Mora Armatur‘s making of faucets, which they have been doing since 1927. This old, hands on, genuine and ultra modern factory at the same time, is a pumping heart of Mora. In the workshop we had after the tour we got a closer look of the designed steel giving water around the clock to families around Sweden and some parts in the rest of the world. Yep, from now on I will look with other eyes on the water faucets I meet.

Fell in love with the series Mora One designed by architect Thomas Sandell.

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Nevven Gallery

Navven Gallery check it out.

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Växtverket / Joanna Bagge / Fine Little Day

Wohoo garden party with star stylist Joanna Bagge + Växtverket and us. What a great day. Thank you all of you beautiful people who joined in. Hope to see you soon again!

Thanks also Joanna, Lisa and the best Fine Little Day store crew.

Reklam för gammalt och nytt från Fine Little Day store.

Colleague Satoko had sewn wonderful pants of the water lilies textile, also combined it with patterns and colors in a way only she can.

Setting by Joanna Bagge with our new (coming) Rutig grey table cloth.

The coolest visitors.

I love Nanna‘s tattoo by Maja-Lisa Bekken.

That’s me tryna look cute, he?

The sense she have this woman, Joanna Bagge.

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Great artist collaboration

Had the pleasure to join in ceramic artist Kajsa Cramer and pattern designer Emma von Brömssen’s vernissage launch of a perfect artist fusion in the project Bliss the collection yesterday. Tea oriented ceramics and sublime textiles, everything very delicate and visual. Take a look your self.

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Thank you Way out West

So much good during this year’s festival. My favorites: Vince Staples, Tove Styrke, Perfume Genius and Churros.

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Way out West 2017

Hands in the air we have Way out West. First day, sunshine and even Frank Ocean turned up.

Tove Styrke.

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