Lili Scratchy

Lili Scratchy = C r e a t i v i t y

I adore this lady. Lili Scratchy. I have blogged about her a couple of times before during the years. Lili is a quite crazy and totally adorable illustrator/artist living in France. In Lili’s world there are no limits.

As you can see (and as probably many of you already know) Lili explores all kind of media. Always with a great portion humor and tons of talent. Good good news is that there are a book out now, completely packed with Lili’s creative projects – Lili Scratchy Design&Designer.

If you’re looking for a creative, uplifting and inspiring book to enjoy – then this is the one!

My hand x 2

Lili, you make me happy. Thank you!


14 Responses to Lili Scratchy

  1. ida says:

    åh andra bilden, så FINT.

  2. Uli says:

    Hihi, it looks like fun!

  3. Mimmi says:

    Love Lili’s work!

  4. Thank you so much Elisabeth…
    You made a so nice post !!!

  5. Zane says:

    wow inspiring

  6. kim baise says:

    i adore lili’s work and would love to see this book. she is inspiring and a wonderful artist and mom too!

  7. D. says:

    Oh let me in in your world! This is truly uplifting, goes straight to my heart. Hello Lili, I love you toooo!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    She is inspiring in so many ways, indeed. As a mum too. Her kids are amazing as well:


  9. Charlyn W says:

    Reminds me of this talented lady’s work: Ginette Lapalme


  10. Elisabeth says:

    Carlyn, thanks for the tip! Didin’t know about her before.

  11. Johanna says:

    Å.. vad roligt..

  12. Freckle says:

    Oh my, this lady seems amazing! The book is up on my wishlist now indeed :))

  13. gina says:

    Her sense of humor is
    infectious and just what
    I need in these heavy hearted

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