Renilde Depeuter from the blog At-swim-two-birds is participant number 2 in Fine Little Interview.
Renilde is an outstanding artist who, among other things, makes stunning contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery art.

Thank you Mieke Willems for introducing Renilde to me last year.

Please tell us a little about your self, who are you Renilde?
I’m 49 years old and i live in Antwerp (Belgium), I worked as a textile designer for a short period in the early nineties and i
recently picked up the thread again to make textiles for the Mieke Willems shop.

So, do does Brian O’Nolan´s book, At swim two birds mean something special to you, or do you just like the name?
It is one of my favourite books and besides extraordinarily funny. The title actually means ‘the river current of the two birds’, it is a place often visited by the mad King Sweeny who’s condemned to spend the rest of his life as a bird after he was cursed. I remember i’ve chosen the name because i liked it, but on rereading some parts of the book as a result of this interview i was amazed how i was imitating the story without realizing it. Briefly summarized , it is about characters who are given life outside their fiction and in the end conspire against their creator. Actually this is what i’m also doing in my stories; creating my own universe to please myself by twisting everyday reality. The stories mostly appear after a long day in bed with a headache, it is really working like that, i’m not making this up.

How did your blog come about? Was it a response to something or lack of something?
I only wanted to show my textiles; a website was far to complicated and expensive for me, and besides too static, so, i was thinking a blog would be the most suitable for me. Mieke and Veronik helped me over and over in the beginning, a was really a complete illiterate. But after some time, when i was becoming familiar with the medium, it changed into a place where i could give vent to my fantasies and reflect on life. I don’t know how things are shaping up, but i’m hooked on it by now.

What is your earliest memory of coming across a blog that you like?
I remember i liked ii-ne-kore a lot, i still do, but i’m a fan of everything that is Japanese, especially the textiles and interiors.

How long does it usually take you to create pieces?
This is difficult to answer, it depents whether i’m concentrated or itchy, besides, i’m always working on several projects at the same time. It happens that i’m struggeling with a project for days or weeks, and in the end it is coming to nothing, but it is also possible that i’m tossing off a nice embroiderie in a few hours. I love to be concentrated, it is relaxing.

Do you have any favorite artists?
This question is even more difficult, but i have to make a choise. I love Saul Steinberg’s drawings, the comics of Chris Ware and of course Sonia Delaunay.
And since last summer i’m also a Fischli & Weiss fan. I found a very nice book of their work at Veronik’s place when i was watering the plants.

Who would your top three dream dinner guests be and why?
I always wanted to see an authentic Neanderthal man, and actually smell too, so he may take a seat at my table. My second guest will be Count of Saint-Germain, a notorious charlatan and alchemist who was unequalled as a conversationalist. And finally the super attractive King Aragorn, featured by Viggo Mortensen, don’t have to explain why, i suppose :-)

Finally, what do you have in your pantry Renilde?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great artist! Thank you so much for this excellent interview. Tilda

  2. Rebecca Lett says:

    This interview is so honest it's wonderful. I especially like when R. says she is "creating my own universe to please myself by twisting everyday reality." That's the first time I've heard anybody say that out loud. I think it makes you concentrate on the nice times and lets your memory twist them to be even better later on!

  3. Lena says:

    i really enjoyed this. her work is so special!

  4. gina says:

    Take your chances… come to dinner at my house. We have lots of chairs! :-)

  5. Louise says:

    I liked this. Her work is new to me. Some really nice stuff!

  6. me says:

    she is really AMAZING !!!
    (hope she knows that)

  7. mieke willems says:

    love the interview!

  8. Veja cecilia says:

    I´m very happy to read this interview, So inspiring:)
    tack elisabeth!

  9. Maribeth says:

    These interviews are a nice idea. You get at things that may not be immediately understood by looking at someone's blog. Renilde is inspiring.

  10. yu yasutake says:

    i love her work. thanks for this great interview!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Thank-you for the lovely interview, and I love the new look for your blog!

  12. nath says:

    so interesting. her work = amazing. she is very inspiring. MORE!

  13. Kaylovesvintage says:

    fine little talk

  14. Kimberlee and Lies says:

    Grat to read more about Renilde, thanks! -Lies

  15. Kylie says:

    I love Renilde's work. I've been a BIG fan of hers ever since I discovered her blog through Mieke + Veronik's site :) She is the BEST!! Thank you so much for this fabulous interview – just loved it :) Kylie x

  16. Make it Easy says:

    great interview! amazing pictures!!! i love all these photos!!!

  17. Zoe says:

    All the textile shots are amazing! This was a really candid and interesting interview..

  18. ii-ne-kore says:

    oh wow, what a wonderful interview. renilde is such a beautiful story-teller and artist, and it is wonderful to have this insight – thankyou! i was wondering lately about the relation of the Flann O'Brien book At Swim-Two-Birds to the world of Renilde – so it was so very, very great to hear about that:)

  19. Nicola says:

    Thanks for the interview – I love hearing more about artists and their lives and inspirations.

  20. lisen says:

    I like Renilde! Fint!

  21. fanja says:

    a great artist and a great interview, thank you

  22. marie-louise says:

    Kul läsning och tack för alla fina länkar!
    Nice interview, I like her work!!!

  23. Bohemian girl says:

    Pretty amazing, who is next?

  24. RedorGrayArt says:

    such a special artist the interview was a delight, with dreamy photos ~ elk

  25. La Rimule says:

    Yes, it's a very interesting personne and work (hand homme) !

  26. La Rimule says:

    Yes, it's a very interesting personn, work & home !

  27. danica says:

    this is a splendid interview and insight into renilde's creative world. i throughly enjoyed reading it :)

  28. arounna says:

    great interview – also a big fan of her work – thanks for sharing.

  29. Gerlinde says:

    cool! btw, where can i get a black vase like the one in the second picture?

  30. our little love nest says:

    I love her work and creative spirit and her fun way of looking at things. Great interview!! xoxo

  31. Little Monarch says:

    ahhhh your pantry is definately inspiring. is that a jar of figs i see?

  32. Little Monarch says:

    sorry Renilde's pantry. im sure your pantry is just as inspiring :-)

  33. Esti says:

    thanks for sharing this interview.

  34. gini says:

    oh i Love her !!! she so talented! amazinf pieces she made for Mieke willems….great interview…merci

  35. Ritva says:

    great interview!
    i admire her work and blog, a lot!
    thank you- both!!!

  36. Celine says:

    I love renilde!!!
    thank you elizabeth! I learned so much about her I didn't know before!

    And your interview series is wonderful! I look forward to more!

  37. MUS says:

    yes i love her work!

  38. Lavender Kona says:

    I am overwhelmingly inspired by her simplicity! Wish I can start my year right with a lifestyle like her. Thanks for this great post.

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  44. Jessica says:

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  46. Locha says:

    hello thanks for the reading.

  47. Henry Vaubel says:

    I don’t even know how I got here, but I thought this post was good. Cheers!

  48. Hey there, please tell us when we will see a follow up!

  49. White Tea says:

    I really liked the blog post. It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  50. Katy Vititow says:

    I appreciate your work , thanks for all the useful blog posts.

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