Report from Tunisia 4

Tunisia from a narrow perspective.

In a dotty dress.

So many expressions, ideas and thoughts. So we will build something together with these nice people from the other side of the world. Will probably be one of the most interesting assignments during lifetime.


20 Responses to Report from Tunisia 4

  1. Charlyn W says:

    I love both your outfits!!!

    I can’t wait to see what transpires from this wonderful adventure!

  2. We really can’t wait to see whats coming up. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Leen's says:

    What an experience! Enjoy it!

  5. well they have chosen the right women for the job !
    I am loving the kaleidescope of new images …..dots and as the title of the(other) amazing blog puts it** intelligent clashing***
    really happy for you :)

  6. fanja says:

    oh enjoy Elisabeth, sounds like a great experience you are fully appreciating!

  7. Karin says:

    Vad kul!!! Saknade dig i din studio idag, tack för lånet:)

  8. veronica says:

    what a challenge. new colors and new shapes. a completely different part of the world. and a gift also to spend some more days in the sun , enjoying blue sky and walking barefoot. no socks needed. and i’m sure you take a huge amount of pictures in your head back home north. a treasure !

  9. alessandra says:

    and it will be like storm of ideas and beautiful creations for sure. how lovely your outfit!

  10. cissi says:

    gu va spännande detta verkar. Kom hem snart och berätta allt!

  11. good luck to you :)
    what a great experience!!

  12. Flora says:

    Yes, I can’t wait to see what will come out of this! Enjoy Tunisia, it seems already quite different from the country I visited 3 years ago…

  13. lauren michele says:

    where oh where did you find those tights? i love them.

  14. Kylie says:

    Honestly Elisabeth – you have the most interesting tights I’ve ever seen! LOVE them :) So excited for you that it’s all working out well. It looks like such a fascinating place :) Kx

  15. Elisabeth says:

    I’m glad to see that you are following me :)

    Kyile and Lauren, oh I love my “birch tights” too! From:

    Kram Karin, ses snart.

  16. dani says:

    so many beautiful colors and patterns! must have been a wonderful trip! :-)

  17. WOW! expect to see alot of new pattern designs from Fine SOon!
    so inspiring to go out and see more of the world.
    jealous :)

  18. Brooke says:

    Fun! Love your photographs!

  19. lisen says:

    fina mönster, spännande resa! välkommen hem!

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