Report from Tunisia 3

Colors, patterns and graphics all over. The working days are long and interesting. Meeting friendly people at different production companys. Awesome and a bit unreal with this unique opportunity to look behind the scenes.

No time for the beach, even if we occasionally have felt the winds and smell from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Tunisian election.


10 Responses to Report from Tunisia 3

  1. Inger Marie says:

    What a beautiful graphic mix in the first photo – and I love the dress in the second. Is it Tunesian? So nice with these reports – feels very refreshing here in the cold and grey Northern autumn! Best wishes for a good trip :)

  2. Love the painted doors and walls.

  3. Linnéa W says:

    Åh vad fint med färgerna och mönstren! Får mig att tänka på Sonia Delaunay. Inspirerande!

  4. this is very pretty:) very inspiring and nice to see some sun with the dark evening outside:)



  5. Pia says:

    Så spännande, spännande resa!

  6. Nina says:

    The first picture looks like an abstract painting :-)

  7. tina ratzer says:

    WOUW! looking forward too know more about what you are working on there. Production I asume?
    Great place to be – looking asome.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Inger Marie, no it’s not a Tunisan dress. It’s bought in Sweden from

    Tina, production indeed ;)

  9. bmo says:

    så fina, rena bilder…ljuset måste göra nåt särskilt med färgerna…

  10. Denise says:

    Just discovered your blog and already LOVE it. Success with your project in Tunisia!

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