Daniel Doppsko and Krakel

Almost like Christmas Eve here today. In my hands I have a newly released book by Lennart Hellsing (text) and Stig Lindberg (Illustration), Daniel Doppsko. The book was first published 1959 with black and white images. This edition has recently been restored with color versions of Stig Lindberg‘s illustrations. Publisher, Nisses Böcker.

Illustration by Swedish design icon Stig Lindberg.


Also I got a box of books by Lennart Hellsing (text) and Poul Ströyer(illustration) about Krakel Spektakel (I’m sure you know this earlier Krakel book).

Picture above from Daniel Doppsko. Happy me!


22 Responses to Daniel Doppsko and Krakel

  1. cissi says:

    åh, hur avis som helst, känner ett exremt måste ha. vart hittade du dessa godsaker?

  2. lisen says:

    har alltid älskat namnet Daniel Doppsko.
    fick nyligen ett mejl av syrra undertecknat med det, hahaha.
    Så fin!

  3. marielouise says:

    Det är lätt att bli avundsjuk på dig Elisabeth:)

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Cissi, man kan köpa via http://www.bokcentralen.se/product.aspx?id=1925
    Tar med mig böckerna till studion så kan alla som vill titta, låna!

  5. sarah echo says:

    The illustrations in these books are just enchanting! So magical and dreamy!

  6. Jaaa, härliga böcker. Det är jätteroligt att de kommer igen och uppskattas igen.

  7. Mimmi says:

    Oh, Stig Lindberg is a great favorite of mine. Had not seen these books before, they look absolutely beautiful!

  8. i love the illustrations. i must get to see more!

  9. mmmmmmmmmm!!! i really need to have them allll!!!!!!

  10. Inger Marie says:

    Daniel Doppsko looks fantastic! I must buy it next time we are in Sweden.

  11. Jess says:

    what a glorious looking couple of books !xo

  12. bmo says:

    måste has…

  13. Fantastiskt fint! För att inte tala om din tapet hos susanna v, den satt som en smäck där, grymt fint!!

  14. sofia says:

    vilka fantastiska illustrationer. älskar vinglasen som samtalar!

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  16. sonia pulido says:

    super nice! and these buildings… wow!

  17. Part of these illustrations remind me of Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp. Beautiful details and great use of color. Such a shame not more of these fabulous books are being published.

  18. Clare says:

    Oh my goodness, these make me so happy! They’re by far the best thing I’ve seen in days.

  19. Such great colors!

  20. Britt Hanson says:

    LOVE it! beautiful and inspiring work. i am looking up daniel doppsko right now. i want to steal all of his ideas!!! x

  21. Charlyn W says:

    Ohhh, I wish I could read in Svensk!

    This is a beautiful, beautiful collection!

  22. Gila says:

    Rekommenderar Musikbussen. Av Hellsing och Lindberg.

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