We’re here

We arrived late. But the light was still with us so we went out there, to wade in the green landscape.

Everything had grown substantially since our last visit in May. The garden was more like a meadow or jungle, than a lawn and garden. Wild, and beautiful.

But even if I like the thought of using ecological principles to create a garden and don’t want to be narrow-minded about gardening, I guess we’ll have to remove some more grass tomorrow for the practical aspect. And, for the insight that physical work without a gym membership in the garden, both smells and feels better. A bit unexpected Otto was maybe the hardest working one of us out there today.

Tomorrow, Midsummer’s eve.


Keith Shore’s painting at New Yorks ACE Hotel.

Vendredimatin shop, decorative displays as well.

This striped purse / bag from Pikula.


25 Responses to We’re here

  1. Nori says:

    dreamy….wish the farmdogs could go there to play in the meadow! They would be so happy!

  2. Ana says:

    I wanna be there too!

  3. julie says:

    Have a great time!!

  4. what a paradise you have there!

  5. Inger Marie says:

    How wonderful this looks – wish it was me! Have a nice time up there!

  6. anaïck says:

    looks great looks green !

  7. looks like the best place to be right now. Enjoy!!!

  8. Sophie says:

    What a lovely place, you’ve got there.
    And midsummer, such a wonderful day….

  9. What a totally postcard-ish place you have! We are going to our place in the north of Norway in july, and I am sooo looking forward to it!

  10. Kylie says:

    Oh that GREEN! Isn’t it divine? I love it. Have fun at your gym Elisabeth :) Kx

  11. emma says:

    känner igen! när vi flyttade till huset fick vi en gammaldags trädgård på köpet, liksom rätt vildvuxen och jag gillart. som tur var ingick även åkgräsklippare men numera spar vi liksom “öar” i träggårn som får växa sej långa. blir fint och mysigt och det långa vajar i vinden och man kan göra liksom stigar mellan gungträd, tvättlina-träd och hallonsnår. :) T gillar också träggårn, idag har vi också burit gräs, kastat in till korna…

    ha en underbar midsommar, på landet! :D

  12. petra says:

    ser ljuvligt ut.
    Glad midsommar!

  13. Malin says:

    Ser ut att vara bästa stället att fira midsommar på :)

  14. Johanna says:

    What a lovely place to be! Happy Midsummer!

  15. kate so says:

    happy summer. beautiful.

  16. echo says:

    Your summer home always looks like a dream to me. So beautiful!

  17. maja says:

    Thank you for the Pikula bag link :)

  18. cissi says:

    ha det gött där i gröngräset!

  19. Hazel Stark says:

    So so so lovely, so fresh and green. I am very envious of your Summer retreat, though of all your Swedes on Midsummer, hope you had a great time

  20. Veronika says:

    This place looks amazing, I would love to escape somewhere like this for few days :)

  21. Elisabeth says:

    I still find it difficult to believe that this place is ours. Even if I’m here, experience it in every way it feels unreal. To good to be true. Yes, I’m greatful – Yay!

    Emma, vi funderar på det också, att lämna partier vildvuxet. Det är ju så vackert. En sittgräsklippare, fasen vad lyxigt. Vi är inne på vår andra Klippo (begagnade) redan…

  22. did your summer holidays start ???
    looks great,enjoy

  23. Elisabeth says:

    kaylovesvintage, not for me it hasen’t, but for the rest of the family. Enjoying all right :) Looking forward to spend more days here in July.

  24. gracia says:

    “to wade in the green landscape” sounds just about perfect to me.

  25. kylie says:

    so beautiful! such a dreamy place – i love it, takes me back to memories of my hometown

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