Staying up late and sleeping until noon. Shool holiday has started.

Ugh, have had a cold for over a week now. Guess I have to start all over with the running again. Anyway hope you have a good one too, weekend.

The Four Player Coffee Table Pong Video.
My Time With Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Mollie Makers, new lifestyle & craft magazine.


25 Responses to Weekend

  1. MamaMay says:

    I had saved this link a while back to link to, but can’t seem to find it.


  2. Julia says:

    Kommer du ihåg vad det där svarta och vita tyget från Ikea heter? Tusan jag hann ju aldrig köpa det. Vill ha! Vill ha! Kram

  3. Good photos, Elizabeth. Yes, I’ve had a cold for about a week now too. I don’t get sick almost ever and it’s annoying, especially with two shows this week. Not fun.Sniff.I better stay here and look at nice photos again.cheers!X

  4. Elisabeth says:

    MamaMay, try this:

    Julia, tyvärr jag kommer inte ihåg. Önskar att jag hade köpt mer…

    AnnaMaria, oh yes incredible annoying. I always get surprised when a cold hits me this hard because it rarely happens to me too. I’m really fed up with this one. Hope yours dissappear quickly. And good luck with your shows! (Your site seems to have been hijacked “Mega site of Bible studies and information” is where one come when clicked on your name).

  5. Alice says:

    Yes I wanna have a same weekend like you. Adorable really

  6. Malin says:

    första fotot = fiiint :)

  7. jan says:

    love those pillow cases!

  8. Louise says:

    Hope you are feeling better very soon! Love the triangle pillowcase.

  9. Oh my!!Thank you for letting me know- I have absolutely no idea what to do about it! But I also think its extremely funny-x

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Annamaria, first I thought you had changed track ;) Ha ha.

  11. riotyarn says:

    Jag blir alldeles glad av dina bilder! Det är så fina mönster och färger att jag blir sugen på att klippa och klistra.

  12. Sofie says:

    Hi, just wanted you to know that I like what you’re doing and just made a post about the cute Pirum Parum on my blog: http://sofiesblog.looklab.dk/bolig/pirum-parum/


  13. Love the pillow with the triangles! Where is it from? Or did you make it?

  14. Take care of yourself. Sleep in until 3! School holidays are the best. No making lunches, sorting out uniforms or doing homework. Enjoy. Love your chaos. Pruxxx

  15. Sonia says:

    Nice have talked to you on the telephone. You’ve sound really sick… I hope you’ll get well soon! Best regards!

  16. The same thing happened to me a few weeks back, just as I was bragging about how awesome my immune system is. That’s what i get. Hope you are feeling better :) And a happy belated birthday to your not-so-little boy!

  17. Hello Elisabeth!
    Nice to visit you again.
    Hope you’re better now, you have to enjoy their school holiday! ;)
    Wish you a lovely week!

  18. Tack igen Elisabeth, att du vill visa vägen till mina barns väggar :)
    Ha en fin sommar!

  19. gracia says:

    Late nights and slow starts… sounds as it should be. Up in the late night here, but in the middle of a beautiful winter. It is all blue skies, the last of the autumn leaves, and pets curled up as I work, snoring their heads off. Bliss.

    Hope you shake that cold… and happy school hols to all.

    g xo

  20. ingrid says:

    I put your link on my blog..and this time the right one :)

  21. Nori says:

    Nice to see your (normally perfect,artful and inpiring) space a little messy and real life/real kid-ified. Hope you are feeling much better now!

  22. Lovely World says:

    I haven’t been by in a while and I liked catching up with your posts. Always so well done. My children start summer holiday tomorrow. It will be a good thing to have a break. Hope you are feeling better now. Maribeth

  23. Ellie says:

    Hi there,

    Love your blog. I was wondering where you got those triangle print cushion covers from? They are so nice.



  24. Elisabeth says:

    Ellie, the cushion cover is made by a textile that I bought at Ikea a couple of years ago. Not availble anymore unfortunatley.

    Thanks for kind words.

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