Lisa Marie lives here 2

No doubt that Lisa Marie is an aesthete. Her apartment, full of luscious flowers, artfully arranged vintage finds and beautiful handmade dresses hanging here and there. Even the scent in the apartment (the scent in someone elses home is always interesting, don’t you think?) was lovely.

Happy to see my Rebuild Square-print on Lisa Marie’s wall.
Lisa Marie’s blog.


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13 Responses to Lisa Marie lives here 2

  1. Ana says:

    I can see Lisa Marie is a happy person!

  2. Mimmi says:

    Love the tone in these phtographs. The soft and a bit dark tone. And the apartment!

  3. anne says:

    Love the lamp, and the prints, and the flowers, and the tableware… great place!

  4. katie says:

    i’m completely geeking out over the diptych of the teacups and flowers–such a thoughtful pair! i can’t tell you how much i love when you do these home tours. the feeling i get when i see you’ve posted one to your blog is similar to the feeling of opening the mailbox and finding there’s a piece addressed to you (and it’s not a bill).

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Katie, what a nice way to put it. Thank you :)

  6. jonahliza says:

    beautiful home. i will own my own string shelf, one of these days..

  7. Charlyn W says:

    What a beautiful home. It is both feminine and charming, and I especially love her wood bench, the prints on her wall and the goodies on her shelving unit.
    Stig Linberg makes me *swoon*. ;)

  8. La Rimule says:

    Very nice home ! Very “charmant comme tout” !

  9. Madeleine says:

    tell lisa marie that she have the best taste in the world! och det har ju du också såklart. finaste finaste bloggen och illustrationerna någonsin. du är min idol! på riktigt.

  10. Madeleine says:

    och ps. tror du att jag skulle kunna få använda dessa bilderna för att sedan länka till din blogg sen? vänligen madeleine

  11. Elisabeth says:

    Madeleine, använd bilderna. Och tusen tack för otroligt rara ord :) Glad.

  12. Madeleine says:

    tack fina. du inspirerar så in i bomben. en dag ska jag också bli illustratör. för det är det bästa jobbet jag kan tänka mig! och sakletare då. puss!

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