2011/05/15 Look what I’ve become

Early in the morning or in the aftersnoons I’m dressing up. Can hardly belive it myself, but then I go out there, and r u n.

Started a couple of months ago when I stumbled on some articles in different magazines. There was one article in particular in the magazine Filter, a draft from the book Born to run by Christopher McDougall, that really got me interested.

But what finally made me make a move, literally, was this -  After getting myself some proper shoes and proper clothes,  I got myself a proper watch. You see that was the thing for me – the watch. A pulse watch (Garmin Forerunner 110). Kind of ridiculous, but I do enjoy what I can do with that watch – check heart rate, calorie consumption, current pace and then when I’m home I connect it to the computor to see all data + a map where I’ve been (GPS). All with minimal fuss. I sound like a salesman, but I’m a sucker for technical facilities (even if this is a simple pulse watch). I’m materialistic indeed, apparently. Because these things together with a Spotify Premium account (+ one or two books about pulse training) has got me motivated, for real. The focus is not on me or the training, but on the fun things around. Suddenly I’m a runner.

The music running list.


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  1. Great job! Up until about a month ago I was running a couple times a week (it is way too hot now). I am so surprised how similar out music tastes are. Just a few weeks back I discovered and have been listening to The Knife a lot. And I love “Walking with a Ghost”, White stripes and many others you have :)

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks Kimberly. The running thing is totally new for me. I’ve always thought it seemed boring. I’m glad as long as I can feel lust for it. Even if I doubt I will continue with it all year round. Hope it will be cooler over where you’re at soon so you can start again. It is kind of addictive.

    How nice with a same music taste freind :)

  3. francesca says:

    my husband ben, my sister and my best friend all just got into running. it was this book for ben: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. x

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Francesca, another book to look up maybe!

  5. lisen says:

    yeah, heja! perfekt sätt o uppleva ny musik + naturen samtidigt.
    önskar jag kunde springa mer på morgonen, men min trötta hund vill bara nosa då… klädtips: tunn tajt jogg-mössa som andas o har hål för tofs baktill. bekvämt o finess-rikt mode tycker jag..mer o mer.haha.

  6. laia says:

    You must read Murakami’s book!

    I got my book and poster, I loooove them! I am taking them to Mexico now :)

  7. I logged on to Runkeeper.com this week and have started plotting runs and pace and speed. It’s interesting, especially as these are runs I have been doing for about four years now, when I first took up running. I thought I was running about 4km on one route but turns out it’s a little more than 5km. It’s a psychological thing but I am suddenly wanting to better my times.

  8. Look at you go! i am starting to move again too. nice to feel like you want to . i’m impressed that you are doing it so early!

  9. be strong :) good luck :)

  10. Mali says:

    I’m a runner too! When I’m not pregnant that is. In the autumn when this baby is born I’ll start up again. Can’t wait!

  11. Charlyn W says:

    Running is addictive!

    Great play list! ;)

  12. riotyarn says:

    Du är inspirerande på alla sätt. Jag borde också ge mig ut, springning är den bästa sortens motion.

  13. Louise says:

    Wow! I have never been a runner. I really like the idea of it, of losing yourself in the rhythm and having a lovely time just listening to music and going… but I just hate running. Must try harder!

  14. Mimmi says:

    Inspiring indeed! How far are you running? And how often? I’ve thought about getting into running myself for a long time now. This might make me become a runner as well. Weird but when you read about some one else that has overcome an “obstacle” you get kind of motivated. That pulse watch seems like a good thing as well.

  15. Elisabeth says:

    katiecrackernuts, I agree about suddenly wanting better times. It’s motivational, fun too to work towards a goal + good distraction for someone like me.

    Mimmi, I run between 3,5 – 8 km about three times a week. The first two times it was pretty tough. But I started cautiously. Walked for a while and run for a while, all as directed in the pulse training books. Try it, it might make you feel good!

    For me the pulse thing works like a tool. I like to know what I’m doing and that I’m not wasting my time by doing something in a wrong way. So far the running has given me more energy during the days and better sleep at nights – good enough.

  16. Sonia says:

    ENVY!!!! this is one of my unfinished business :P

  17. emma says:

    springa är det bästa. minns när jag gjorde min första över-en-mil-turer = himmelriket! :)
    roligt när man hittar sin motivation också. tips om du råkar glömma klockan hemma men har iphonen med dej…RUNKEEPER. gratis app. svinbra.
    you go!

  18. duermeveland says:

    Wow, you must be proud of yourself! I always start… but never motivated enough. May be I need a watch!

  19. dani says:

    Man vill verkligen börja springa när man läser det här! Själv går jag och simmar några dagar i veckan, tyvärr kan man inte välja vilken musik de ska spela i simhallen men tack så mycket för din musiklista – jättebra val av låtar! Hoppas löpningen går bra : )

  20. Bronwyn says:

    This is so great! I also started running about 6 weeks ago, a very unexpected thing for me.. not my usual style… but I love it! It is the BEST mood elevator. Who knew? I also need a great playlist – thanks for sharing yours!

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