2011/05/13 Many things going on

So many exciting projects that are spinning around me these days, like this one. These are handmade mittens and hangers made by three students from HDK and Steneby which will be on the market that I project leed for KHVC. The market, called UPMARKET is taking place 19-20-21 August, this summer. A crafts market held in Trädgårdsföreningen parallel with Gothenburg Culture Festival. So, If you happen to be near Gothenburg these days you should come and visit!

A good meeting today with Klara Bothén (the mittens), Anna Piehl and Malin Wallin (the hangers) and Maria, a journalist, from the magazine Hemslöjd, see Maria’s nice blog here.

I’ve waited so long for someone to make hangers with faces again. Malin and Anna’s wooden ones are even more nice than the plastic ones we had at home when I was a kid. And the mittens, like icecreams – yummie. Buy Klara’s mittens here!


New works by Steve Harrington at Beams – Harajuku, Japan. May 17 – June 5
Caterine Pellin exhibition at Little Circus.


27 Responses to 2011/05/13 Many things going on

  1. malo says:

    Åhh, vantarna. Herregud så fina. Ja som glass eller godis, bättre. Önskar jag kunde komma…

  2. Charlyn W says:

    The mittens are so beautiful! They remind me of ice cream. :)
    And the hangers are genius!!

  3. Sarag says:

    those mittens are smitten! love em!

  4. eliza says:

    oh to be summering in sweden!

  5. bmo says:

    Nästa vinter blir roligare med de fina vantarna!

  6. sofia says:

    vantarna är fantastiska! måste helt klart ta mig till göteborg för hela alltet!

  7. rike says:

    those mittens are just beautiful … icecream colours for winter! is there a possibility to order them?

    all the best

  8. Ing says:

    I’m also wondering if there’s a way to order the mittens? I looked at the sites you link to, but the English/Swedish barrier makes life complicated :-)


  9. olly says:

    ah this looks amazing! wish i could be in Gothenburg in August.
    Hope you are well Elisabeth xx

  10. lisen says:

    knasfina vantarrrr!

  11. sara says:


  12. Mikkili.com says:

    Wauw, they look very beautiful. Nice design and colors.

  13. Martina says:

    Hello…these mittens are wonderful..is it possible to purchase them online?

  14. deb says:

    Really love those mittens – beautiful!

  15. Sonia says:


  16. Elisabeth says:

    Martina, Ing and Rike Klara has just started a webshop, find it here:

  17. Fantastiska kompositioner av vantarna, läckra godbitar!

  18. Mittens are really cute!

  19. Bi says:

    Oh my god…mittens!

  20. Mola-mo says:

    Love both the handmade mittens and the hangers. Great work!

  21. Inger Marie says:

    The mittens are fantastic – soft, fine and poetic! And I love their colours!

  22. misha lulu says:

    These are so yummy!!!!! The colors are like candy, Love them!

  23. dani says:

    underbara vantar!!

  24. ave studio says:

    I need one of those right now! :-)

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