2011/04/17 It’s been half a year ago

The mice have lived here. Slept, ate and ran into our beds. It was a cold winter. We are happy to be back, it’s been half a year ago. Six months. Feels more like three though, now that we’re here. There are a couple of things to do. But nice to do. Will continue cleaning tomorrow.

Shop Anaise, and look at the photographs.
Handmade wool and cotton baby shoes at Mademoiselle Leone.


16 Responses to 2011/04/17 It’s been half a year ago

  1. Inger Marie says:

    Ohh, I love the vacuum cleaner! And the whole place! We will be going at our Swedish house in a couple of days – I am looking so much forward.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Have a nice time Inger Marie. The coming week will be wonderful in Sweden I’m sure, lots of sunshine!

  3. Charlyn W says:

    Oh! I wish I had a Swedish house! ;O

    This is wonderful – looks like you’re having a nice time there! :D

  4. Jayne says:

    I adore the wallpaper- is it vintage or a new addition? Either way I hope you keep it :) Looks like a scrummy breakfast!

  5. hanna says:

    E, it looks so beautiful and inspiring. In a few days I’ll be going to the country side too. Escaping for a few days this horrible political situation in Finland.. maybe I’ll find those sweet yellow flowers too (maybe not, since it’s more north). Enjoy your spring days!

  6. bmo says:

    glöm inte att sitta i solen en liten stund, blunda och lyssna på vårljuden………

  7. lisen says:

    fin dammsugare!!

  8. lingonsmak says:

    it’s so beautiful, your house!!

  9. LeiaMia says:

    Å jag älskar ert sommarställe!!! Magisk känsla där!

  10. alessandra says:

    Enjoy your holiday and thanks for the lovely links.

  11. Amielle says:

    The place looks so nice and warm and cozy. :) I love all the patterns you have scattered throughout your life/photos/etc. That’s something I want to make sure to have in my own home one day. :)

  12. Love the photos in your post! Gives a special feeling about your place!

  13. good to see the summer house again!

  14. that’s what i call breakfast :)

  15. emma says:

    amen hääääärligt dåh! hurra! fint som snus. maten go. allting bra. välkomna hem. typ. :))))

  16. Jane says:

    It is still spitting snow here in Vermont. I didn’t think Sweden would be ahead of us. Looking forward to green grass. My rhubarb is just beginning to poke up through the dirt.

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