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Look at this piece of doll art. It’s made by Agata at Miszkomaszko. It’s two sweet dolls in one. Handcrafted. You can win it! Just leave your comment in this post.


Two dolls in one.

miszkomaszko is a family business where mamma does the creative bit and pappa the practical bit. our boy came up with the name. miszkomaszko was his imaginary swedish trol friend from the woods.

nostalgic as we are, we get inspired with our childhood memories, with the toys, clothes and colors we were surrounded with back in the days. we love embroidery and ribbons. we use natural fabrics and our dolls certainly are meant to be played with so we are washing machine friendly. all handmade, all unique :)

every doll has a name tag where we place embroidery with the name of the owner.”


Embroidered personal tag.

Take a peep at Agata’s blog as well.

***To enter the giveaway just leave a comment in this post. The winner will be chosen by a random number service and announced Thursday, April 21. Good luck!


136 Responses to Sponsor giveaway

  1. marie-louise says:

    Jaaa, vilka fina, jag håller mina tummar!


    Ohhh we love this dolly! My little Eva is 10 years old and such a little maker and designer.. We live in Sydney so maybe too far away to be eligible for the competition? Still we wanted to say we love it.
    Best wishes
    Katrina and Eva

  3. nowhere is too far:) those dolls love to travel :)

    so lovely to see them here!


  4. malu says:

    Super cute :o)
    Håper på litt lykke og mellder meg på.

  5. Elena says:

    Me me. :)
    It’s so pretty !

  6. Emma says:

    Oh, how lovely is that doll!?! Keeping my fingers crossed…!

  7. Laura says:

    That doll makes me want to be 9 again. I’d love to enter!

  8. who says i’m to old for a doll?!

  9. sarah says:

    I used to have a doll with two ends! I love it! x

  10. Charlyn W says:

    OHhhhh! I am inloooooove!!!!!!!!!! :O

    It reminds me of childhood. *sigh*


  11. Linda says:

    Ja tack, den vill jag vinna!

  12. Aniliini says:

    Defiditely in!

  13. Deborah Chew says:

    Oh its so adorable! I’ll love to give it a home. I’m from Singapore, not sure if i can still win it :)

  14. Mali says:

    I’d love to win this for the new baby.

  15. Inger Marie says:

    Beautiful – perfect for a two-year-old (and her mum!)

  16. Vicky Knysh says:

    yes! I want it!!

  17. Sanne says:

    Oe I love love love this doll!! How smart to make it a two-in-one, absolutely fabulous. Would know the perfect little girl to give this one to. Please, pick me, pick me!

  18. hannah says:

    what a neat idea! your blog always has such interesting things in it!

  19. Chantale says:

    So so pretty! This is a ‘surprise’ my daughter would love to get.. and what giggles to see another doll underneath the one on top!

  20. On Word Arts says:

    Fantastiskt fin(a)! Och gärna, gärna…

  21. Jessi says:

    Oh so adorable! i love the little mermaid dolls as well…

    hope i win! :)


  22. alita says:

    hoo soooo nice.. i will love to win this beautiful sweet handcraft doll…

  23. MUS says:

    …ooh would be so lovely for my brand-new little babybgirl :)

  24. ojoj så himla söt. Jag vill gärna vinna en docka.

  25. liesbet says:

    what a cute doll(s)

  26. laia says:

    crossing my fingers!

  27. Elizabiete says:

    I loved a doll very much like this as a child. So sweet!

  28. vesle serena says:

    what a cute doll!! my daughter would love it (and me too) !

  29. leililaloo says:

    So pretty :)) I love all your work btw!

  30. Helen says:

    Oh, please let me win this piece of art. All of her dolls are masterpieces!

  31. T. says:

    Incredibly work. What a great present it would be to someone who really appreciates handcraft and dolls. Like me for example ;)

  32. Rebecca says:

    So beautiful and clever too!

  33. Mollie says:

    I love this!! my grandmother had a similar doll when I was a child. I hadn’t thought about it in years, not until I saw this post!

  34. Emmy says:

    Two dolls in one, sweet!

  35. cathie says:

    this is gorgeous & so clever!

  36. Caroline says:

    So lovely! I would love one of these for my daughter

  37. soila says:

    oioi, my daughter would love that!

  38. Signe Kjaer says:

    I Hope the doll wanna live in Berlin….
    Sie looks wonderful!

  39. Patrick says:

    awesome. <3

  40. Maria says:

    It’s gorgeous! Love it!

  41. Ville says:

    I love it too, it’s gorgeous!

  42. Monica says:

    Oh, what a doll. Just took a look at the other ones at the website, they are as lovely as well!

  43. Meg Brookman says:

    The Inside-Out-Upside-Down Doll! A delight!

  44. Erika says:

    Min son behöver en docka -

  45. Julia says:

    The doll is super nice, so is her tattoo!

  46. sushi lover says:

    OMG, it’s so beautiful! :) count me in!

  47. Anne says:

    Nice, I’m in!

  48. Cassandra Rabideau says:

    Very Original Work! I would love to see more!

  49. Mona says:

    Wow, what an artist. Love that doll!

  50. M. says:

    Looks very original and well done. Beautiful! Would love to have a doll making workshop with Agata. Wish I could sew something like that.

  51. Emilie says:

    wow thats so fun, my mother and sister brough me a similar one on a recent trip to england. But this one is more crafty and cute!!
    love xx

  52. Khemy says:

    Love it. Perfect for my daughter.

  53. Reyna Tan says:

    It would be so mych fun if the miszkomaszko doll makes it to the Philippines where I am! :-)

  54. veronica says:

    how nice this flipping over doll..ready for a long trip south…

  55. hanna says:

    I love these!

  56. gelinotte says:

    elle est si jolie !

  57. bmo says:

    skulle passa fint i min samling

  58. Deborah says:

    So cute! My daughter would love it!x

  59. Arida says:


  60. Sonia says:

    I cross my fingers again!!

  61. Marion catrix says:

    So cute! I hope I can win it for my lovely niece!

  62. licia says:


  63. sarah sch says:

    heel erg mooi en met veel aandacht gemaakt !

  64. Bea Fresno says:

    I love it!

  65. i love it!!!! i would be perfect for my little baby girl!!!

  66. Courtney parque says:

    So sweet, I love this!

  67. Citlalli says:

    Lovely doll, perfect for my 6 year little one! Cute,cute,cute!

  68. What a charming doll it’s a pleasure to play here !

  69. ellie says:

    how lovely. wish i’d had something like that when i was little.

  70. Nancy Cook says:

    Lovely doll. We would be happy to give her a home and S always kisses her dolly’s before putting them to sleep in their cradles.

  71. Iris says:

    Yay, they are cute, I am in!!!

  72. i remember being charmed by a similar doll when i was a girl! i absolutely love it and hope it finds its way to my door!

  73. Lilia says:


    we should be together.

  74. Christina says:

    My daughter would love to win this doll! I would too!

  75. libby says:

    My little girl, who is 6, would love this special
    little beauty!

  76. Christa says:

    I love them all! Happy days all around.

  77. leslie castellano says:

    happy this way and that

  78. Lula says:

    So gorgeous!
    Peace and love!!

  79. Mille says:

    så fin! håber jeg blir den heldige vinder! :-)

  80. Thanks for posting. This double doll is precious!

  81. Carolina says:

    oohh so cute! i would like to win it to give it to my little niece

  82. Mimmi says:

    Oh I love Ataga’s dolls! Like her blog too :)

  83. Fiona says:

    Increadble doll. Such nice crafting work. The details!

  84. What a sweet doll! I would love to win this beautiful handmade art doll! Thank you for including me! :-)

  85. margot says:

    che bello!!!

  86. satu says:

    oh how perfect would this be for my little goddaughter! <3

  87. edyta says:


  88. ali says:

    I can’t decide which I like best: pursed mouth or big smile? Both are adorable.

  89. frida says:

    Åh vad fin!

  90. Anne-Sophie says:

    Such a nice heart-warming idea!!

  91. Portofritt says:

    I would very much like one of these sweethearts to move into my home.

  92. Portofritt says:

    Veldig veldig fine :D

  93. Natalia says:

    So sweet. Take away the plastic and here you have it.

  94. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    So cute! What a brilliant giveaway!

  95. Gabriela says:

    beautiful! love the dolls.

  96. Dawn Newsome says:

    She is absolutely charming. I love that they embroider the name of the owner. My Madison would love this doll.
    dawnnewsome at yahoo.com

  97. annie says:

    What a clever idea! Love this doll and love your blog!

  98. They are adorable!

  99. Sadhbh says:

    WOW! I love this double-dolly! My little twins would love it too :)

  100. Lanapelana says:

    I want this cute doll!! :)

  101. Ola says:

    Yes pleassssse :))

  102. elaine says:

    she is beautiful! I remember a friend from my childhood owned an upside down doll, thanks for reminding me about them!♥

  103. kavka says:

    Love it! Agata is very talented girl, all her dolls are beautiful

  104. nuria says:

    after about 9 years of relationship, our six years old daughter asked us to marry. There was a lot of paperwork and few time to organise but we made it! and only three days ago we tightened the knot and in a couple of month her little bother should be born.
    If you are willing to give away such a beautiful toy, I would be happy to receive it for my two beauties, for them to have a first toy to share. Looking forward!

  105. Rachel Frost says:

    Black Swan! White Swan! Who will win? XOX! rach

  106. Dina says:

    Oh, I’d love to win this contest. This doll is beautiful.

  107. nani says:

    SUPER CUTE!!!!

  108. Camila F. says:

    Oh, that’s amazing! So so so cute!

  109. Naomi Vona says:

    Lovely dolls! I hope to win :)

  110. Llúcia says:

    oh, this doll is very similar to one my mother received as a present many years ago!

  111. teresa says:

    Fantastic, beautiful doll!

  112. Astrid says:

    A lovely doll. My children would love them, and I would, too :-)
    I cross my fingers and toes!

  113. bianca says:

    So cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. Oj, så fantastisk fin! Krysser fingrene i Norge!

  115. Manel says:

    Those dolls are pretty!!!

  116. liz says:

    She is simply divine, what more can I say?

  117. carolina aguirre says:

    we want this doll !!!!
    ( somos tres niñas en casa )

  118. Ana Magalhães says:

    ok, i’m leaving a comment…

  119. valeriealice says:

    I was a Traveler from far away
    I saw her sitting on a hill singing away
    Her voice soft and melancholy
    She sang of dreams lost in her memories
    She knows she will come back here one day
    but for now she has to go away
    back to the world, to sorrows and worries
    she then exclaims, “Oh? so soon.. I am fading away”

    inspired to write a poem about childhood memories (:

  120. JO PAYLOR-SYKES says:

    My daughter has an upside down doll from St Lucia (also the name of one of our pigs!) She desperatly wants Mummy to make one; but I am not confident enough! Lovely give away :)

  121. dana says:

    lovely doll.

  122. Vantiani says:

    This doll reminds of a gemini character that having two faces:)

    Gorgeous doll, thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!


  123. My Owl Barn says:

    What a lovely doll! I never had a flip doll as a child. I’d love to win this one :)

  124. emma says:

    Åh, jag vill vinna!

  125. Danielle says:

    OH so sweet!!!

  126. A lovely object! It reminds me of one I had as a child from my mother.

  127. VALERIE says:

    Beautiful “rect-verso” little doll. Have a sweet day ! *****

  128. Reesi says:

    A cool doll! I could see our boys playing with it. But they have to compete with me of course.

  129. becky-lee says:

    oh yes please, what a treasure.

  130. nen says:

    Beautiful doll. I love the idea with the name tag.

  131. Mimi says:

    Oh my this doll is a beauty!

  132. Konny says:

    I just love it. Great crafting!

  133. Ed says:

    Really lovely work! We would love one…

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