La Casita de Wendy mood

Have you seen La Casita de Wendy’s new spring/summer collection? Always great, fun new themes over at that place that puts me in a good mood :) La Casita de Wendy is offering you who reads this 20% discount in their shop. Just write FINE in the offer box when you check out.-


10 Responses to La Casita de Wendy mood

  1. Charlyn W says:


  2. lisen says:

    omg! älskar den högra!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Lisen, jag också!

  4. Jayne says:

    That print is amazing- I love the first dress. Very nice :)

  5. Caisa says:

    Åh så fina!
    Den högra speciellt.

    Och hälsa T att jag gillar rälsen. Ville alltid ha en själv men fick ingen. Alla coola hade det.

  6. Amielle says:

    Oh my goodness! That dress is absolutely LOVELY! Definitely something I’d pick up for myself. :)

  7. emma says:

    men guuu. KONST!

  8. agata says:

    oh such a cool print:)love it:)

  9. sofia says:

    ah que linda! så fint namn också.

  10. Uli says:

    Ååååååhhhhh…den klänningen!!! Fantastisk!

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