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This is a part of the result of the questionnaire I asked you readers to answer a couple of days ago (Mars 2011). There is a lot of text to go through and I will have to update this result page the coming days. But I belive that what I can show you today is the essence of your answers.  I would like to thank all of you who answered, especially for all warming comments. It was with great excitement I read your responses. Thank you also for your criticism and comments in general. I have read through most of it and will have your opions with me in my continued blogging.

Scroll down to see more (comments by me in read text).
UPDATE since I’ve been written this more responses have been received, as said above, this post will be updated very soon. /Elisabeth

Just as I’ve supspected, it is mostly females who visit my blog. But 10 guys are not bad ;)

I guess many of you are working as freelancers, just like me.

I was glad to see that most of you seem to visit the site when reading the blog.

I was also glad to see tha the majority of you who took the time to respond are pretty faithful readers.

Above, most of you visits the site to get inspiration. I like that. And noone said that the blog sucks. Like that too.

I was a bit relieved to see that there are an interest in giveaways even if many of you commented in the “free answers” that you don’t like the giveaways that much. I’ve been a bit worried that you would think that the site has turned more commersial, in a bad way. In way it is more commersial than earlier, but I hope you do feel the “heart” in it still. Sponsors and giveaways is a part of what makes it possible for me to blog that frequently that I do. I love blogging and I do put a lot of time to it so if it helpes me contribute financial to my family it’s a double good thing for me (and maybe you).


OTHER QUESTIONS, random answers

Do you visit Fine Little Day for another reason? In that case what?
- news about product you design

- i like your links…

- I really love your work and enjoy seeing the “other side” of the creator.

- To see wath’s going on in the Swedish design world.

- To touch base with parenting/family ideas, the way you involve your children in your creativity.

- I love that I get a glimpse into a slightly different culture than my own. I find that we are amazingly very similar, but the differences completely fascinate me.

- I think I know that your entries and links will remind me of that creative world that I want to be in. Seeing your European homes, your Swedish country houses that you visit, your sidewalks, your shoes, your work makes me remember that the world is bigger than my own little set of challenges and scenery. I guess it helps me escape my everyday world!

- I love your style, your ideas – it’s not only an inspiration but a “comfort zone” to be :)

- Nice pictures, links to other websites, give-aways.

- Not only because of inspiration, but to get a nice feeling in average.

- För tillfället är jag mest kär i dina fotografier från sommarhuset. Fantastiska. Och katten!!!!

- Because I like it. I like the way it is written even if it is only a few setences. Let’s say it is my kind of ‘recreation’ :)

- Jag gillar att du skriver om och tipsar om lite olika saker blandat med vardag utan att bli för utelämnande och privat. Gillar dina bilder också och sättet på vilket du skriver.

- I work alone and sometimes feel a bit isolated, so I enjoy looking at other creative people’s blogs. It makes me feel connected and less alone.

- I visit Fine Little Day because is always fun and interesting. I love the variety of your posts, there is always something that surprise me!

- i just love your vibe…thank you.

- HIRO!!!!!!! and the spoons.

- beautiful, not too long and lovely.


What would you say is the worst with Fine Little Day?

- The new format takes longer to load.

- Since you moved the blog to your site, Bloglovin isn’t showing photos of every new post anymore…which is sad, because, so sometimes I miss the new entry. And sometimes it feels a bit more going into an advertisement blog, just a bit…although it’s advertisement for great stuff ;) But it sometimes feels a bit distracted.

- It makes me wish I lived in Europe…

- …not updating often enough?

- Advertising – it indicates that you might show some bias toward sponsors/advertisers in your posting.

- Mmmmmm the giveaways. I find they just get in the way of the real content of the site, which is you and your work.

- advertisements are a pity i think, layout is a bit too full.

- I think the font you use is a bit hard to read.

- I don’t like to much links, without any explanation why you like them, or what the link is about.

- The advertisement in some of your postings, the amount of give-aways. It’s too much.

- i’m a little confused about who is who, but that’s okay – i don’t mind some things remaining a mystery-

- I think that sometimes there are too many posts about kids, but that is probably because I’m 24 and don’t have kids of my own, so it’s not a big interest of mine.

- I dont like the iphone/app/vintage pictures so much. I like the pictures, but not the fake-vintage style…

- i can’t say anything is bad! i am a sort of curious about the author. i hope that doesn’t sound nosy–have appreciated the few photos of you and some of the personal stuff you add. for example, like pictures of your home and cat. it is a glimpse into someone’s life far away.

- Can’t think of anything. Sometimes the english is difficult to understand for native speakers,but at the same time it is quite charming.

- Sometimes I wish there was more explanatory text with the photos, but other times I don’t have time to read it.


9 Responses to

  1. Very interesting to read! (pluss at jeg er ganske firkantet i hodet innomellom og liker å se ting skjematisk satt opp i system, hehe)

    Just a comment to the career/education question: I answered Other because I have been working for three years (not freelance). I couldn’t see that there was an alternative for this, as I am not “looking for a job” og “just got a job”. Maybe I should have marked for studying&working? (but I thought that meant that I was both studying and working)

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Anna, jag har aldrig varit mycket för staplar och diagram. Men insåg här hur tydligt, och intressant det kan te sig. Antagligen för att det rör min värld (ego ;).

    Maybe I should have been more clear in the career/education question. Good tip for another time!

  3. Bea Fresno says:

    Thanks for posting the results, Elisabeth. It is a very interesting feedback.

  4. Sanne says:

    I had the same remark as Annas Camping. Have been working for a while already, so not ‘just’ started and also not looking. Therefore, other. Not freelance!!

  5. francesca says:

    man i missed loads of questions! how did that happen? sorry :)

  6. Eva Hartmann says:

    thanks for the feedback. i liked the reasons for visiting your side and thought that each answer could have been mine too… how strange… this thing about individuality and similarity…like it, that strangers feel like good neighbours..

  7. anita says:

    I didn’t take the questionnaire, sorry. But I just wanted to say that I am 15, so there are younger people who read your blog. Also I like giveaways and don’t think that its to commercial or anything.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Anita, thanks for commeting. How nice to have you here :)

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