Eva Kerek

Wanted to share a visit to artist Eva Kerek which I made a couple of days ago in her studio in Solna, Stockholm. We have May even if it feels like summer with degrees normal for about mid-July. You who’ve followed me for a while know how much I like wobbly perspective errors and artists who knows how to break the rules. Eva keeps moving and turning her self and the canvas as she paints. Sitting, crawling and standing with the brushes. Digging in her pockets for mental objects and the right mood, with the scenes and images forming during the process. Eva works with rather big sized canvas from her imagination and life. The everyday objects makes some kind of magical realism.

Next year, 2019 Eva Kerek exhibitions:

Sagan med – Lukas Göthman
Kristianstads konsthall 9/2 – 31/3  2019.

September 2019 Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery, Stockholm

Don’t miss.


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  1. famapa says:

    Ler så när jag ser hennes tavlor – gillar också det mer naiva perspektivet. Kul att se ett inlägg här, hoppas du mår bra och det kommer fler upplägg här :) kram!

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