Swantje Hinrichsen

A couple of days ago me and Fine Little Day store colleague @peggylainen jumped on a plane to Germany to visit graphic designer and illustrator Swantje Hinrichsen aka @swantjeundfrieda, who lives in an old brick house in Münster. We were suppose to shoot a part of Fine Little Day store’s new catalogue there, and also do a little home tour.

I was planning to write something about Swantje’s education, career etc. in this post but I I’ll skip it, you can google that.

Just want to tell that I found a “refrigerator friend” in Swantje. A term originated (I believe) in the book “Bowling Alone“. That would be a friend who can walk right in the door, open up your refrigerator and look for something to eat, without thinking much about it.  The thing is we spent hours and hours at this place without realizing it, and also got our life’s most tastiest Avocado cake. The lady sure had a the gift of hospitality, this was a place where to feel free to be yourself. We had a good time, thanks again Swantje!


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