2010/11/29 Monday

Ran around looking for my tripod for half an hour today. Then I found it.


19 Responses to 2010/11/29 Monday

  1. May says:

    a blanket hut! how cute! genius idea to use the tripod too :)

  2. cissi says:

    oh vilken fin tipi!

  3. Kylie says:

    What a great teepee it makes :) Happy birthday celebrations. Kx

  4. Laura says:

    ooo I love a good fort. That looks to be a fun tepee!

  5. fanja says:

    so funny!
    happy birthday celebrations indeed x

  6. karin says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAH! Very funny, it looks like a Xmas tree!

  7. Jess says:

    Hehe, LOVE it xo

  8. Great use of a tripod! Patient mom!
    Happy celebrations-x

  9. talo says:

    nice to meet you!
    Message from japan…

    It looks like a big X’mas tree☆!
    so cool & cute^^

  10. ah yes…the fort! we have alot of those too.
    i think i changed the settings so you can comment Elisabeth but
    im not sure if i did it properly. i do hope you find a way back to Art Farm! please instruct me further on how to add you if it isn’t fixed. i’d miss you terribly!

  11. Yoli says:

    What a lovely blog! I just love that poster of the little apple.

  12. I want the same little house in my bedroom!

  13. Linn says:

    love your blog!… and I have given you an award for it-pick up your award at my blog http://blog.superstudio.no/

  14. elo says:

    THAT’S FUNNY !! Where are the cowboys ?! :)

  15. this post is very usefull thx!

  16. tifanie says:

    holy cow. best handmade xmas tree i’ve seen yet! :::

  17. Voilà une chambre pleine de vie

  18. Julie Pinzur says:

    I LOVE that coatrack, where did you get it??

  19. Elisabeth says:

    Julie, wish I could help you, but it’s a vintage find unfortunately.

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