Väva Spis / Hemslöjden / Fine Little Day

“Spiskläde”, the stove apron and the “Spismatta”, the stove rug, designed with my mind on an old an old love, the stove as a graphic visual treat. Also with my thoughts pondering over the sceneries in which the woman (who made the textiles in the #handicraftarchives) sat in their kitchens embroidering, sewing or whatever they did.

Apron, printed by Matilda Ekström Rosenberg and sewn by Satoko Kobayashi Fridolf. Rug (one of three), weaved by Kristina Bourghardt Hattenbach.

As I’ve wrote before, the past year I’ve been working together with Hemslöjden i Skåne in a project called #handicraftarchives / Väva Spis where I’ve been developed a series of unique items inspired by Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening‘s amazing archives / collections of handicraft objects, in collaboration with local craftsmen and small scale producers from Skåne and Västra Götaland. The results will be shown in an exhibition at Hemslöjden in Landskrona starting May 20, 2017. Read more about the project at www.vavaspis.com

Besides an insight of an existing amazing handicrafts archive, this project has offered an obvious and uplifting presence of women’s history, which I’ve found very inspiring. I’m also greatful for the meetings and collaborations with the talented, today living women who has been involved in this project one way or another, each and every one of them. The below embroidered cushion cover from the 1800s is one of the brilliant textile treasures I’ve stumbled on in the archives.

Above my ladies, dancing.


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