Hotel Eggers

Things are fun, I’m back to semi-regular blogging. Under the tag #bestofgothenburg on Insta and here, I’m aiming to continue show some of my favorite Gothenburg things, people and places.

Thanks to my friend and colleague Drömma-Lotta I got my eyes on one of our town’s most interesting and good looking hotels, Hotel Eggers, which I visited today. Now this is the place where you want to stay when visiting Gothenburg, located just beside the train station. Every room is divine and has different styles. I had the opportunity to shoot in this one today. I love this wallpaper from Duro “Hudiksvalls Teater“. A wallpaper from in the early 1880s (discovered 1972 during a restoration of Hudiksvalls teater).

Hotel Eggers is one of Sweden’s oldest hotels, with parts of the property, amazingly enough, resting on the remains of Gothenburg’s old city walls from the 1600s and 1700s. The hotel opened 1894 and have had a list of prominent people and royals staying here during the years. There’s also an unique history including the artists Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Karl Nordström, who together with a bunch of other artists founded Swedish Konstnärsförbundet here at the hotel.


2 Responses to Hotel Eggers

  1. Mogu Takahashi says:

    Welcome back to blog!
    By your fan from Japan :))

  2. May says:

    Nice aesthetic! <3

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