IKEA + 10-gruppen

Wohoo I’m booking a trip to Ikea 5 may, 2017 when the collaboration between Ikea and Swedish classic design team 10-gruppen are releasing their collection AVSIKTLIG.

- I’ve wanted to create a “classic” 10-group collection, where you can find patterns to recognize and get new favorites, says Tom Hedqvist, Creative Director for the collection, and a founder of 10-gruppen AVSIKTLIG collection includes four classic 10-gruppen and new designs by five of 10-gruppen‘s original members. Tom Hedqvist has also invited the three young designers IKEA Iina Vuorivirta, Ida Pettersson and Hanna Dalrot and two external designers Kristina Abelli Elanders and Anders Wenngren to join in. The result is a playful collection that reflects the design collective’s long and checkered history – but which is also very contemporary.


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