A very special house for sale

This is the place where we’ve spent every Christmas (except for a few) the last 18 years. Warmed ourselves in front of the fireplace after wandering around in the oak woods looking for wild boars which we never met. This is where we’ve spent soft summers on the lawn playing dart and picking wild strawberries. This is where we’ve had delicious dinners in the gazebo and watched tv half the night together. My in-laws’ house in Skåne. Here photos and more.

Visning nu på lördag, 23 Januari 2016.


7 Responses to A very special house for sale

  1. teresa says:

    the picture of the house covered in snow is just wonderful! and i love the decoration. beautiful images!

  2. kate says:

    what a beautiful house, it looks like a lovely place to holiday with your children, I’m sure you will miss it…

  3. Elisabeth you really had a beautiful house, I love the 2nd picture…it seems stolen from a fairy tale. :)I’m 100% sure that the new house will look better than this one and sooner you will be able to call it: ”home”. Can’t wait to see pictures from it.
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  4. Safae Farid says:

    Great post and photos.

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  5. Gerdi says:

    Como vai?
    Curti o conteúdo!
    Até mais!!

  6. Carrie says:

    Can you make sure nobody changes the wallpaper and that beautiful red linoleum… ;0)

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