Gothenburg’s got talent / Folk och Form

Bags above and below in reused materials, by Lotta Norrman.

Don’t miss the craft shop AFFÄR / Folk och Form at Fritidsagenturen here in Gothenburg, Sweden if you are in the neighborhood this weekend. Here a little peep what to find over there.

Fredag 11/12 12-00 // 17.30 Vernissage // 20.00 Performance
Lördag 12/12 11-19
Söndag 13/12 11-19

Carved wood by Knut Östgård.

Handprinted eco tote bag by Lidia Blomgren.

Wool blanket by Anitta Vanhapiha.

Lampshades in reused material by, Linus Nilsson.

Ceramic above by Charlotta Lind.

Ceramic above by Charlotta Klingström.

Ceramic mug by Eva Zethraeus & Anna Bauer. Mittens by Solveig Larsson.


One Response to Gothenburg’s got talent / Folk och Form

  1. Louise says:

    Really, really lovely, those bags in the first pic! If i wasn’t on such a strict budget I’d have one of those in a heartbeat.

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