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House of Rym is a Tunisian company, founded by Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef. In 2011 Rym and Zied invited me and my colleague Anna Backlund over to Tunisia and gave us the assignment to start a new brand, the brand become House of Rym. ”Built on a love affair. Between contemporary design and ancient handcraft. Between Sweden and Tunisia. Between intriguing aesthetics and sustainable materials.”

Since then House of Rym has extended their collection and added a range of clever designers. Above team: Emma von Brömssen, Cecilia Pettersson, Elisabeth Dunker, Karin Strömberg (new for this year) and Anna Backlund.

If you can’t wait for more House of Rym news peeps, check out their Instagram or Facebook.

Photo: Hilda Grahnat.


5 Responses to House of Rym news

  1. Louise says:

    It’s been really enjoyable to see House of Rym going from strength to strength over the years on here – love the new products and it’s nice to see all your faces in that group photo!


  2. alessandra says:

    lovely smiles, ladies! ^.^

  3. Marrit says:

    I like the cushion covers above, but don’t see them in your shop is that right?

  4. Dinah Smutny says:

    Really beautiful the cushion covers! I like the simple structures and the black and white :-))


  5. I love what you and House of Rym get up to! x

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