Potholder pennants for the book

As I’ve told you in earlier posts I’m working with a “Fine Little Day book” together with publisher Natur & Kultur. Even if we now are in the final stages of the work with the book it keep coming up things that I want to want to include in the book. Like the very important collection of potholders. Was standing on a ladder to hang them in our city garden trees tonight and was cheered by friendly neighbors passing by.



The book will be published in October, 2014. In the first stage, only in Swedish but maybe if there are interests, in English as well further on.


8 Responses to Potholder pennants for the book

  1. Lotta says:

    Det ser jag fram emot! Så fantastiskt roligt att du ska ge ut en bok, det är du väl värd! Jag fullkomligen älskar din känsla för stil och din estetik inspirerar mig mycket!
    Allt gott och stort lycka till nu i höst!!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Å tack Lotta, din kommentar gör mig glad! Börjar inse att det verkligen kommer att bli en bok nu och det gör mig lite nervös.

  3. bmo says:

    ser fram emot boken gör man! och lite nervös skadar aldrig…

  4. Louise says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your book, it will be wonderful, and I’m happy to have it in Swedish! x

  5. krysta says:

    I can’t wait to see your book! Hopefully in english too one day :-)

  6. Helena says:

    Ser mycket fram emot att bläddra i den där boken. Jag har fått dille på grytlappar men har liksom inte vetat vad jag ska med alla till innan jag såg det här på instagram. Så fint! Tack för all fin inspiration.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you kindly for your comments :)

  8. Sarah-Lou says:

    Pleeeeaaase do an English version x

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