Browsing the net to be prepared

We love our Kilim rug which we bought a couple of years ago at Lauritz. Fear it will be killed soon though, since the cats like it better than the scratching posts. Here, some Kilims for sale this very moment: Kilim UzbekHarsin KilimAnatolsk KilimHarsin KilimHarsin Kilim.

Etsy has nice ones as well. Like this, this or this one.


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  1. Christina says:

    It’s a lovely rug. But, have you seen the rugs at Adopt-a-Native-Elder? I´ve got two of their smaller ones and I love them! One even gets a picture of the weaver!

  2. Flora says:

    We have the same problem, we had to ban the cats from the living room!

    I have been researching kilims lately for a series of stained glass panels I’m making. I found this guide to the symbols hidden in the patterns in the rugs fascinating:

    Kilim Rug Motifs

  3. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    Fun and interesting :)

  4. bmo says:

    katter väljer ju alltid ut det bästa och tror att allt man skaffar, skaffar man för deras skull…

  5. rike says:

    ha, on first sight i saw a seal on your rug. a fluffy one ;)

  6. Louise says:

    I often find myself oogling kilims on etsy… so many so lovely! One day…

  7. deborah says:

    Since our cat did the same, I placed -especially for her- a car mat on the floor (yes, it’s ugly and black, but better than a torn rug and I hid it somewhat underneath a chair in a corner so it doesn’t really show): cat loves it and scratches only on the car mat.

  8. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    I might do that as well Deborah, thanks

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