News from House of Rym 2

I just love Anna Backlund‘s new pattern Heavenly honeycomb, in this post as a blanket. I love all of Anna’s textile patterns for House of Rym but this must be my favorite so far. It will be available in several color settings and also as Ottomans (must have!).

The big tea cup above and the dining plate below is two brand new models for House of Rym’s porcelain collection. The blue pattern Arbour Harbour (still available in yellow) will be my design.

Below, another new porcelain pattern by me named Spot me. Made this one about two years ago, had almost forgot about it. The wonderful names in House of Rym’s collections are named by the excellent copy Maria Melkersson.

Stay tuned for more!


7 Responses to News from House of Rym 2

  1. Litet arkiv says:

    Wow! Finaste jag sett på länge.

  2. naa says:

    everything is so beautiful! Bravo again to all!*

  3. Emmy says:

    Men åh, vill ha allt! Ni är så grymt duktiga. Älskar speciellt Spot me och de översöta igelkottsmuggarna.

  4. bmo says:

    fint allt…superduktiga är ni!

  5. Louise says:

    Lovely new stuff, well done!

  6. Kreetta says:

    Simple eye candies.

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