2014 News!

Fine Little Day loves collaborations! Today we are very excited to show you the work of two our latest collaborators, artist Marta Fromme who made the amazing Eye Eye-poster. Could be a future classic. Marta often works with woodcut as in this poster. Read more about her work in the previous post. The poster treasure is up in the shop!

Our other collaborator is the multi talented photographer and graphic designer Hilda Grahnat. Hilda works with clients such as Kinfolk, Uppercase Magazine, Interior magazines and now Fine Little Day. Hilda is the brain and maker behind these gorgeous photos. Read an interview with Hilda here.

Hope you like what you seee ;)



8 Responses to 2014 News!

  1. Saskia says:

    Very eye-pleasing :)!

  2. I love it! What’s the sound of one eye winking?

  3. lianne says:

    love both the print and the pictures

  4. Silje says:

    Love The lamp! Vintage? Or is it possible to fond and by somewhere?

  5. mette says:

    same as Silje… the lamp is lovely, just what I am looking for, would you tell us where it is from ?

  6. Fine Little Day says:

    The lamp is a vintage find unfortunately.

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