Beach life, not

I know that I nag about how dark it is in Sweden this time of the year. But really it is so dark that you almost not “wake up” at all during the days now. Luckily we have daylight fluorescent tubes in the ceiling in the studio. Help you to wake up a little, good for photography as well. We also have an ever growing number of plants here, and toys. Well you hear, trying to cheer myself up. While the storm was raging outside the windows yesterday we could pretend to be somewhere else.

How do you survive the darkness? If you live at these latitudes?

The Monstera sure is a fast grown plant.


Have a nice day folks.


7 Responses to Beach life, not

  1. Det är lite jobbigt när det blir mörkt klockan tre… fast annars är det väldigt mysigt med mörkret. Man lugnar ned sig. Det enda är när man har lust att gå ut och vara utomhus efter jobbet och det helt enkelt känns meningslöst i mörkret :(

  2. Astrid says:

    Uff ja! Mørket tar på. Jeg prøver å ikke la det – og været – gå inn på meg, men det er ikke lett. Å komme seg ut en tur mens det faktisk er lyst, synes jeg er godt og viktig. Også må man jo bare gjøre det så koselig man kan inne.

    Hilsen Astrid i vinterstormen i Bergen, Norge

  3. nina says:

    here are my winterproofing rituals for Scotland.
    knitwear and buying new weatherproof jackets, boots, socks.
    finding evergreen plants
    enjoying the pink skies
    boxsets, candles and hot chocolate
    roasted food
    spiced cakes

  4. bmo says:

    lampor, lampor, lampor…dagsljusbelysning, ljusterapityp, obegränsad tillgång till stearinljus…
    roligheter-måla, lera, trycka, klistra, klippa…fina papper, roliga pennor, dockskåp med tillbehör…
    sova tidigt, somna i en god bok och hoppas att ingen katt kommer jamandes och vill gå ut mitt i natten…
    och snart är det vår…

  5. Kristen says:

    Oh, I feel for you! and here in the states we complain about the shorter days and lack of light, too –but you have it worse than us! I sympathize. It helps to have a UVB lamp near a chair to sit under when you’re reading or working on the computer. hang in there!

  6. your home looks just nice..
    stay warm and enjoy the winter time

  7. Nikki says:

    I’m not sure how you cope… I find it difficult in London when we loose hours of the day. I try to stay motivated by planning lots of nice social activities, and FORCE myself to go to them!

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