Sponsor giweaway!

Hello everyone, don’t miss the chance to get this great giveaway from Fine Little Day sponsor UGUiSU:

UGUiSU is an online shop that sells Japanese paper goods such as popular washi masking tapes, paper balloons and unique gifts.

“For this give away I’m offering 1 “Kita-no Moyo-cho” Masking Tape Set which consists of 2 lovely Japanese Masking Tapes and a beautiful matching letterpress card PLUS other surprise paper goods from the shop gift wrapped with the new UGUiSU wrapping paper!

‘Kita no moyo-cho’ literally means ‘Pattern notebook of the North’ and this series is designed by a Hokkaido based Japanese textile designer Rieko Oka. Rieko has won a mina perhonen design award in the past and her designs are lovely and warm, exciting, fresh and truly adorable! Kita-no Moyo-cho Japanese washi tapes are available in singles, pair with a beautiful letterpress card, and sets of 3 colours in the same design.”

To enter, just leave a comment in this post. The winner will be chosen by a random number service and announced Friday, November 26

Good luck, thanks for playing!


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511 Responses to Sponsor giweaway!

  1. lizzie e. says:

    love the new site! and the giveaway too–crossing my fingers!

  2. Marie B says:

    I would love to have it! Merci!

  3. waouh, I love this giveaway… And your new blog… j’espère…

  4. Inge says:

    Your new blog looks great! Would love to win this giveaway :-)
    xx Inge

  5. very useful giveaway!!

  6. Brittany says:

    Love the new site and love this giveaway!

  7. Ogul says:

    Good luck with the new site.

  8. Antii says:

    Yes please, please, please!!!!

  9. Saara Järvinen says:

    Thanks for the sweet blog!

  10. Claire Loder says:

    I can’t resist tape!

  11. Mariya says:

    so sweet :-)

  12. elissa c says:

    I am enjoying your new site!

    UGUiSU is one of my favourite stores. Hiki’s blog is so sweet.

  13. dani says:

    ooooh great goodies!!

  14. constanza says:

    One super look for one super girl!!
    Muy bonito el nuevo sitio!!

  15. Ren says:

    So pretty- thankyou for hosting!

  16. Ida Rud says:

    What a great give-away to celebrate your new look! Hurra!

  17. Michelle says:

    I could do so much with that….I hope I can be the lucky winner!

  18. denise says:

    pretty new site and nice giveaway!!

  19. gaia says:

    I’m in!!! I need and I want them!

    I can’t find them where I live…please!
    Finger crossed!

  20. veronique says:

    yes please!….

  21. Roesen says:

    What a nice new site…and nice japanese paper goods, i would love to win that give away!

  22. Ritva says:

    Great giveaway! Jag är med, tack!

  23. maria gustavsson says:

    would be great!

  24. Frau Wahn says:

    great new side. i like it a lot! and now a giveaway too!
    its going to be a good week!
    greets from germany

  25. Maijja says:

    Such a nice set, why wouldn’t I want to be in? I really like your new blog also. Lots of thanks, hugs and greetings from Lapland!

  26. jana says:

    this is so good!
    btw, the new site is beautiful!!

  27. Dieuwy says:

    Love the masking tape!

  28. Mr Spoqui says:

    me me me! :D pleeeease

  29. Liz says:

    Love the new site! And I love japanese masking tape!

  30. Amba says:

    i love the colors and the patterns :) thank you!

  31. amr says:

    beauty! the new site is fantastic!

  32. Silmi says:

    It will be a great luck if I could win those pretty tapes!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I would love to wrap gifts with these beautiful paper goods!

  34. Washi masking tape is part of my holiday wrapping this year, but I haven’t bought it yet. I’m really crossing my fingers that I get lucky this time. ;)

    I love your new spot on the web.

  35. ingeborg says:

    your new site is looking great!
    yes please for the give away.. wow..
    LOVE the designs

  36. maria says:

    I’m in!
    PS. The new site is great!

  37. Jennifer says:

    Definitely in!
    Nice job on the new layout :)

  38. Amelie L says:

    I’m in in in in in !!! Congrats with ur new site !! A.

  39. ssweetie says:

    your new website is so Waouhhhh
    and i love this great giveway came from a fantastic site
    i’m in of course

  40. Sara says:

    Ja Tack! Fin ny sida :-)

  41. emily says:

    ahh im keeping my fingers crossed! that masking tape looks fabulous for wrapping gifts!!!!

  42. Zoe says:

    Love the new site, and what a great first giveaway to christen it with!

  43. C. says:

    your new site looks fabulous and i just love that masking tape!

  44. Julia says:

    i would love those ^-^ kawaiii!

  45. sc says:

    Yay yay yayyy!

  46. trish says:


  47. annton says:

    I was a bit heartbroken, when you’ve decided to leave the old page. The fresh one and the giveaway make me smile again!

  48. Holly Blues says:

    cute cute cute cute CUTE!
    Would love to grab up some of these delightful papery goods!

  49. sarah l says:

    lovely tapes, great giveaway, thanks

  50. zit... says:

    your new site and blog are really nice, congratulations!

    and i’m obsessed with japanesse paper goods, so that giveaway would make me so happy! :D

  51. Laura says:

    Uau! I want it.

  52. Alisa says:

    Perfect for Christmas wrapping! I hope it’s meee!

  53. satu says:

    oh i love uguisu. congrats on new website. it looks amazing!

  54. elise says:

    That’s a nice way to start your new blog!
    good luck then!

  55. Alex C says:

    so pretty! i have been wanting some pretty tapes. congrats on your new site. looks great!

  56. elizabeth says:

    Great giveaway! I love the Japanese tape, the paper balloons are adorable.

  57. claire says:

    the new site looks amazing! congratulations.

  58. soila says:

    i would love to win:)
    i like the new site of fine little day!

  59. gini says:

    i love hiki’s shop!!!!!


  60. Swantje says:

    hej lovely »fine little day«,
    i would be a little happy girl, with this masking tape. Hihi.

    like like like your new blog site,
    your fan,

  61. Sarah says:

    Love the new site, and always love a giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Tups says:

    Definately in! Love the colours, I think I already have an idea where to use those lovely tapes!
    p.s. Love your blog too!!

  63. marie-louise says:

    Jag älskar mönstrad tejp!

  64. Monica says:

    ooh! these kinds of tapes are surprisingly hard to find here in Chicago…

  65. La Rimule says:

    Oh what a nice present ! I hope I’ll be lucky :)
    Thanks !

  66. Very cool. Would be fun to play around with!

  67. Živa says:

    oh, I could use these for this year’s gift wrapping :-)

  68. anna says:

    These really invite to play!

  69. Danita Luna says:

    Yes! yes! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  70. Victoria says:

    Very nice change!!!!!!! I love your new web, it’s AMAZING!!!!! the addiction is increasing, oh nooooo, thought it wouldn’t be possible!!!! :=) Stor kram

  71. peggy says:

    OH how nice, I am totally into masking tape at the moment…
    Fngers crossed!

  72. Trine B says:

    Beautiful new site. I hope I win the tape :-)

  73. himalainen says:

    Love those tapes :)

  74. Jonna says:

    Me, me, me, me! :D

  75. Jane Housham says:

    Wow, delicious. Maybe this will be my lucky try?

  76. salina says:

    these are so pretty…just like the new site!

  77. Sarah-E says:

    What a lovely site! How fun!!

  78. sloane says:

    What a fun little package to have a chance to win!

  79. Filipa Cruz says:

    love the new website ♥ the giveaway goodies are just beautiful.

  80. Te says:

    Ohhhh! it’s so cute, I like it!!

  81. Karin says:

    Härliga nya hemsidan! Och så fina saker, tänk om man kunde få dom till julklapparna…

  82. Heidi says:

    Yes please sign me up!
    love your new and improved site!

  83. Olivia says:

    Wow, these masking tapes are perfect for Christmas wrapping and spicing up the gift tags! I like the new look of your blog. Greetings from Hungary

  84. Carla says:

    nice new blog!

    I love their stuff, would be so happy to have them!

  85. Wow, i love this giveaway!!!

  86. Deborah says:

    Fine little give away..and congratulations on your lovely new website.

  87. laia says:

    crossing fingers, crossing fingers!

  88. Elena says:

    Lovely new site and what a qute giveway!

  89. laia says:

    So much moving this year for you! Thank you for sharing it with us. And, as we would say in Spanish: ¡ENHORABUENA!

  90. riotyarn says:

    Jag vill vinna fintejp! Låt mig vinna den här gången.

  91. · { I love this giweaway, and your new blog } ·

  92. Sarah Nadine says:

    Cool sight just in time for a cool give-a-way! Pattern of the north you say?! Sounds like a good fit for this Canadian girl :)

  93. AnnaPassionataPeacock says:

    Jag vill gärna vinna, I really want to win, J’espere que je gagne.puss

  94. Åsa says:

    Hoppas hoppas!

  95. Lola says:

    ☁ I want it ! ☁

  96. jenna says:

    What a great kickoff for holiday wrapping!

  97. Alissa says:

    That would be a lovely thing to own and play with!

  98. Studio Meez says:

    Oh, I love your new site. And I would love to win, I’m so addicted to washi-tape.

  99. hanna says:

    congratulations for the new blog! it looks and feels happy. and also, would very much like a package from japan!

  100. Maria says:

    Hoppas jag har en chans!
    Grattis också till fina nya sidan!

  101. ana says:

    oh so great! I’d love to have it!! :)

  102. michelle says:

    an even greater incentive to buy pretty presents!

  103. karen says:

    please count me in elizabeth!

  104. elise says:

    What a Beautiful giveaway, I would like to join

    I wonder how these giveaways work, are you sponsered by them, or do you know them?



  105. Beutiful! I love the Minä Perhonen -designs! These paper gifts look amazing too! <3

  106. Merja says:

    Maybe this time it will be me?

  107. Linda says:

    It would be lovely to win! :) Thanks!!

  108. Graça says:

    Absolutely love these tapes. Remind me of the origami papers I uses to have.. Would be nice to package gifts with these!

  109. Killi says:

    Fingers crossed!

  110. Paula says:

    Ui, ich will so gern… ;o)

  111. Camilla says:

    Oooh! I love paper tape! <3

  112. Vincent says:

    I am in too ! Good luck for your new site !

  113. Alan Sierra says:

    Oh, how i’d love to win

  114. clara says:


  115. darcy says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway!

  116. rike says:



  117. kathryn says:

    i love the squirrel masking tape!

  118. Suki says:

    Varpunen loves taping!

  119. Emmy says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  120. Em says:

    O-so-lovely! Thank you for your constant stream of inspiring beauties.

  121. Bitty Gedgaudas says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  122. Sophie says:

    oh so cute!!! i would love to win!!!

  123. Oohh really lovely products I had a great time looking through heir website and would love to win this giveaway. Yay

  124. ♥♥♥ love it ♥♥♥

  125. Käthe says:

    So lovely. Congrats on the new site.

  126. zibeline says:

    so lovely!!!

  127. Caterine says:

    Cute as can be.

  128. Så himla fint! Tänk att få ha den tejpen till julklappsinslagningen!

  129. his peach says:

    What a lovely sponsor you have! All those paper goods look amazingly beautiful.

  130. Abby says:

    beautiful and generous giveaway! I have enjoyed your blog for some time, but here is the first time I comment. hello :)

  131. anne says:

    I’m in! Great giveaway!!

  132. Mira says:

    Nice pages! Would love to win :D :) Mira from Helsinki

  133. Hi Elisabeth, Congratulations on the new site – it looks great! And a wonderful giveaway to kick things off. I could never have too much washi tape. :)

  134. Ariadne says:

    I love making paper crafts so please include me in the giveaway!Thanks!Ariadne from Greece!

  135. Rebecca Lindman says:

    Oh they are lovely, I hope I win!!!! So many nice pictures on your blog.

  136. famapa says:

    nämen vad fint det är hos dig här – grattis!

    klart man vill vinna uguisu grejjer; hoppas hoppas!

  137. Kokie Larson says:

    These look soo fun! I love the colors!

  138. ana says:

    wow, these are adorable!

  139. Camille says:

    That’s beautiful!

  140. Panika says:

    Yay for Japanese paper goods :)

  141. Kat says:

    I love your blog and the giveaway would be awesome to win:)Mahalo

  142. cyrie says:

    just beautiful…

  143. Elina says:

    Yes please!

  144. Laura says:

    Things are looking great over here! And thanks for the chance!

  145. anna says:

    would love this!

  146. Annelie says:


  147. Jessie says:

    Oh so pretty!

  148. Love, love, love Hiki’s store!
    Really like this designers (Oka’s) work.
    Thanks for such a fab giveaway.

  149. Catarina says:

    Love that store, thank you Elisabeth! I Like your new home:-)

  150. Mimi says:

    The new blog is lovely, as is the giveaway. Thanks, Elisabeth and Hiki!

  151. Briana says:

    I love the new site. And the picture of your kitty on the cloud bedcover in your previous post is so precious!

  152. Karin says:

    å herreminje va fina! Som jag skulle tejpa om jag vann. överallt!

  153. Jacilyn says:

    Oh, I love this tape! I’ve ordered from them before. Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. Rodi says:

    Your new site is very lovely! Best of luck with it!
    Thank you for counting me in this giveaway :) The UGUiSU shop has so many pretty things!

  155. Liz says:

    I love the new site. :) Here’s hoping for the prize!

  156. zuboot says:

    Oh so pretty!!!

  157. Patrice A. says:

    Would love to win!….

  158. Roosa says:

    What a lovely new site you have!

  159. vaznessa says:

    je ne pais
    use on skin?

  160. Iris says:

    Compliments for your new site and YES, I would love to participate in the giveaway, can’t have enough masking tape…

  161. Šaška says:

    oh, I never wanted to win a giveaway more! the paper goods are marvelous, I can already hear them whispering ideas what to make with them :)

  162. Luisa says:

    Pick me! pick me!

  163. Melissa Parnell says:

    Beautiful! I wish I wish!!

  164. jennifer says:

    congratulations on the new site-it looks amazing!

    and so does this…

  165. amelia says:

    I love these. really makes me miss my time in tokyo.

    new sites looks amazing!


  166. Aniliini says:

    omg! lovely! pick me :)

  167. Would be great in my wood tape dispenser!º·º

  168. Sigrid says:

    I love tape! Really! You can do whatever you want with it, and these are some of the most beautifull I have ever seen!


  169. cécile says:

    I love masking tapes, all of them!

  170. jo says:

    All best wishes for your new blog home, lovely giveaway, here’s hoping.

  171. Melanie K. says:

    i love uguisu. <):-)

  172. Konfettiform says:

    Congratulations on your good-looking new site!
    I´ll try my luck again, and hope to win some fun washi-tape.
    Lena, Konfettiform.

  173. alessandra says:

    beautiful as usual..

  174. Sarah C. says:

    Huzza! New site!

  175. Susan says:

    I love the photo in the previous post! It look so very cosy.

  176. Gianna says:

    Like it! Also the new web….hugs from Peru.

  177. Annina says:

    Would be so nice to have it!

  178. veronica says:

    pick me :)
    i love this little japanese shop.veronica

  179. Lisa Huston says:

    lovely….and just in time for christmas!

  180. S Heggestad says:

    Well, good (great) luck in your new blog home! Looks like a cozy one… nice to know that the ‘fine little day’ will go on.
    Lovely, generous giveaway. It will make someone very happy!

  181. This is the perfect gift I really need to use at my shop, as I have dozens of gifts to wrap this Christmas! Great shop:)
    Congratulations for the new Fine Little Day template, it’s great!!!!

  182. Outo Orava says:

    Ooh, so kawaii! =^o^= I would love to win!

  183. Jessi says:

    love the new site!

    hope i win the give-a-way… :)


  184. Jann Bell says:

    Just in time for Christmas packages and cards. Jann

  185. Jann Bell says:

    Perfect for Christmas packages, tags and cards. Jann

  186. Ana Magalhães says:

    Chooce me! Me!

  187. Mar says:

    Congratulations on your new website.
    I wish I were lucky!!!

  188. Sara Krohn says:

    I love these tapes and stationary goods. congratulations on your new site and I love Hiro too.

  189. Roberta says:

    So nice!

  190. Jen says:

    I love washi!

  191. Lovely! Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  192. bessie says:

    Love your new site! Great givaway too!!

  193. maria says:

    hi elisabeth, your new site is very pretty..and I am excited to follow you also on this site…and masking tape is so great

  194. Åh, fantastiskt! Grattis till nya fina bloggen :-)

  195. Neza says:


  196. marie says:

    Oh, how lovely!

  197. hilda says:

    vad trevligt! hiki (som har uguisu) ska jag träffa i tokyo i december!

  198. Åh så fin din nya sida är!

    Och de där sakerna, man dör ju nästan lite så fint… Och oj så många som tävlar. Men jag vill också vara med =)

  199. ma prairie says:

    I love your blog and these masking tapes !

  200. sally says:

    i just knew i would stumble across something beautiful once i put ms agnes obel on the player tonight..
    i’m glad to have found you! it looks magical in here..
    s x

  201. Jasmine says:

    what a lovely new website! please count me in for the giveaway :)

  202. helene says:

    1rst comment on your blog, for my firt Giveaway… will i be lucky enough to win this beautiful paper goods ?? I hope so !

  203. tracy rose says:

    oh, i have been dreaming of this very tape.
    so beautiful.
    p.s. loving the new space

  204. Katrine says:

    Me me me!!! Please.

  205. Ella says:

    I just found their shop yesterday through your sponsor section, the whole store is full of wonderful things! Fingers crossed.

  206. Nicole says:

    First time posting on your beautiful blog! I’m a design student/mom and go to your site for daily inspiration : ) Thank you for sharing with us!

  207. leza says:

    wow!!! So amazing great to see you all fresh Fine Little Day!

  208. wren says:

    nothing is as good as mystery presents in ADDITION to exciting non-mysterious presents! many thanks for the generosity!

  209. Kerry says:

    A pretty site and a pretty giveaway! Lovely!

  210. beautiful new site elisabeth! i want in!

  211. sophie says:

    HI Elizabeth!
    Happy your still there!
    Hope to win!!


  212. sophie says:

    i want it!!!

  213. Shelby says:

    Ooh! Those tapes are so lovely!

  214. tori lynn says:

    there’s nothing i love more than beautiful paper goods.

  215. Yvette says:

    Like your site…and like to win. :)

  216. Esti says:

    I’d love to win. Please, count me in, if it is not too late.

  217. Hanna says:

    Hej! So here you are in a new place, change is good. Have a nice winter!

  218. Så fint det är här i det nya och tejpen är också fin :-)

  219. Emily says:

    Love it!

  220. sooki says:

    Sugoi!! Kawaii!! Want-desu :)

  221. Martina says:

    Great new blog layout! I have a craving for those masking tapes…

  222. Saga says:

    Jag gillar nya bloggen! Ska bli kul att se vad som dyker upp framöver.

  223. Elza D. says:

    Just what i needed!

  224. sandra says:

    vad roligt att du skaffat ny blogg! wordpress-bloggar är så himla piffiga (så länge det inte går som det gick för mig ;)), hoppas det känns bra! fina tejper också. aah.

  225. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  226. cissi says:

    den som ändå vann!

  227. Lisa says:

    so pretty!

  228. Puk says:

    Count me in! This is to great!

  229. Maggie says:

    Oh, I’d love to win this…UGUiSU is fantastic.

    And your new blog looks lovely–congrats on the new design.

  230. Anja says:


  231. mixette says:

    Adore the new look – the comments are so much prettier than the blogspot format. Congratulations!

    And squirrel masking tape? Am *dying* for that.

  232. Klara says:

    Hoppsan så fina! :)

  233. Stephanie Harvey says:

    love it =) and the new design looks lovely too!

  234. Love it….thanks for the chance

  235. emilie says:

    Fin tejp och finfin blogg!

  236. Linn says:


  237. inés says:

    loving the new blog elisabeth!

  238. Mary Ryan says:

    Beautiful new blog! xx
    Lovely product by UGUiSU too!

  239. sushi lover says:

    yay! love love uguisu shop!

  240. Looks nice and do like tapes also!
    Number 246…

  241. Jenna says:

    UGUiSU is my fave online store! So it would be wonderful to win this :) Congats on the new site!

  242. Alice says:

    Hello, I always loved your blog but never let a comment, today I try my luck…
    Thank you for your always nice pictures

  243. alice m. says:

    ohh so cute! i’m in!

  244. anni says:

    ah these are beautiful! like the new format too :)

  245. Harriet says:

    oh i love these! what a treat it would be to win.

    think the new site is wonderful

  246. Anna Allen says:

    such beautiful tape!

  247. Lorena says:

    masking tape! masking tape! i love masking tape!
    and congrats to the new blog design! always fine <3

  248. Opy says:

    What lovely colors! Great giveaway–I am so excited!

  249. jisoo says:

    me! me! loving this new blog~

  250. Jenn says:

    OH…. So beautiful! I am hoping! Thanks for the opportunity!

  251. sara says:

    love to tape it!

  252. Shelby says:

    This would make a great gift for my niece who just starting learning Japanese. It’s beautiful.

  253. >^-.-^< ooooh i so so so so wish i'd be lucky this time!
    + i like the "cool" new look of your site, quiet and beautiful…

  254. flowerpess says:

    Love your new website :-)

  255. Nancy Cook says:

    oh! so fun. love this giveaway. the new site looks great too

  256. eliza says:

    what wondrous little tapes!

  257. teresa says:

    Such lovely products!

  258. Emilie says:

    C’est très jolis!

  259. Heather says:

    Love washi tape! Fingers crossed!

  260. Jen Talbot says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier! Love to be put in the drawing for this inspiring tape. Looks like fabric. Keep up the great work and best wishes on the new blog.

  261. diana jonsson says:

    oh i love this!!! x

  262. mia says:

    I’m back with fingers crossed. :)

  263. Belinda says:

    Oh how lovely. Thank you!

  264. ariane says:

    very cute :)
    love the new site.


  265. Tape! Tape! What a great way to dec-or-ate!

  266. elizabeth says:

    i want to wiiiiin!

  267. elizabeth says:

    i really want to wiin :)

  268. Caro says:

    they are adorable! I want them.

  269. Jennifer says:

    your new site is lovely! and thank you for entering me in the giveaway…the tapes look beautiful.

  270. Chris M says:

    That shop looks great

  271. Charlyn W says:

    These are soooo beautiful!
    **crossing fingers and toes**


  272. johanna says:

    congratulations on the new website! I would love to win this giveaway.

  273. JYT says:

    I am crossing my fingers!

  274. Kristina says:

    First time trying my luck….

  275. Cat says:

    Oh my dear! What pretty tapes and the like! How lovely, thank you for sharing!

  276. erina says:

    I’ve been eyeing these for a while…i’d love to win it!

  277. oooh, will try my luck!!

    just wanted to pop in and say the new site looks gorgeous. i chose a very similar background colour for my tumblr the other day :)

  278. Anna says:

    How cute these things are! Thank you!

  279. Bron66 says:

    I would love to win this. I love all stationery!!

  280. zaazaa says:

    masking tape, i love!

  281. Khemy says:

    Japanese Masking Tapes! They make my stomach flutters!

  282. こんにちは、素晴らしいとはいてください。

  283. Jess says:

    I would love to be entered.
    I have a definite thing for those Japanese tapes xo

  284. Emily says:

    Love the new site. It is exciting to watch your work grow and change!

  285. Neroli says:

    Keep up the good work! I love stationery!!!

  286. louise says:

    I love these tapes! They are very desirable. xo lj
    PS Wow, I had to scroll down a long way to enter this comment!

  287. christie says:

    I will be one of a million commenters, but I’d love to win!

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  291. eloa says:

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  292. hanna says:

    cute stuff!

  293. kristin says:

    I’d love to win this. Thanks, Elizabeth & UGUiSU!

  294. I LOVE your giveaway. Please include me. THANK YOU
    Going to check out the website now

  295. i would love to win this!

  296. Vanessa says:

    Nice to see your new site! What a wonderful & fun giveaway.

  297. whitney says:

    can never have enough tape!

  298. Courtney says:

    It’s all beautiful!

  299. morin glimmer says:

    count me in for these pretty ones!
    have a beautiful week

  300. rachel Williams says:

    yes please!

  301. Johanna says:

    Oj, så många som skrivit här.. Fin blogg och fina små saker..Kram..

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    I like your new blog design!

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    Thank you

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    I love this tape! I enjoy your blog Elisabeth!

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    Just lovely! Elisabeth, your new website looks great! Congratulations!

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    And congrats on the new website, I like it very much!

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    Fingers crossed !

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    It´s soooo beautiful! I´d like to win it!
    And please stay as creative as you do and share it with the rest of the world! It´s inspirating!

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    Congrats on the new site! Would love an early Christmas present, they are sooooo beautiful.

  315. Congratulations on the new site, it looks wonderful. Would love to get my hands on the lovely tape and other goodies, thank you for the contest!

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    very nice givaway!

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    Oh! I hope I should be so lucky!! x

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    Tillykke :)

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    Fingers crossed!! :D

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    jag älskar´t, jag älskar´t, jag älskar´t, jag älskar´t, jag älskar´t, jag älskar´t….
    Lovar göra di allra vackraste julklapparna tomten skådat, hela släkten ska få almanackor, kort, bokmärken och finfina teckningar…

  330. Stitchybritt says:

    Oooh, I could use these! I almost didn’t enter when I saw how many entries there were, but then I thought ‘well, I’ve got the same chance as everyone else’. Good luck everyone!

  331. Liesbeth says:


  332. Ylva says:

    Men åh vilken give away! de har så fina saker, har handlat där i somras. Nu börjar tejpen ta slut (barnen älskart!!) så hoppas hoppas hoppas!!

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    Jag har inga pengar, men överväger ändå att köpa en rulle maskeringstejp. För den är gul. Hindra mig att slösa mina sista slantar och give away till mig! ;)

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    i just discovered your blog and have gone through the whole thing. your blog is amazing!

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    I would very much like the tape.

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    This package from UGUiSU would make wrapping Christmas gifts so fun!

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  376. Wow, what a lot of comments – would love to win the givewaway – gorgeous tapes and I like the surprise element too.

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    Such a sweet treat. Fingers & toes crossed. xx

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    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

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    Tusen Takk!


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    Congratulations with the new website! I do like your sponsor giveaways :-)

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    I came across this site — not sure how. But love home things and home made things. I love the idea of the decorated tape. Saw something like it in moma catalog. Would love to be selected for this awesome giveaway. Good luck with the site.

  400. Olly says:

    I’m in too! xx

  401. silvia says:

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    and thank you for letting me glimpse into your beautiful world (via this nice weblog!)

  402. New to this kinda thing but maybe friday will be my lucky day

  403. Sathya says:

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    Så fint du fått det med ny sida! Och någon ska ju vinna… det kanske blir jag :)

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    Tack för den fina kommentaren! Jag blev så glad!

  409. Lisa D says:

    Oooh, how delightful, count me in please!

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    I once looked for paperballoons in this shop- the tape is lovely too!

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    and thank you for this cute giveaway :D
    have a nice wendsday

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    ren lady of the arts at gmail.com

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  426. MlleMiracle says:

    I’m in love with Uguisu’s shop, everything is perfect.
    The new web is lovely too, good work!

  427. Mariposalfor says:

    lovely little patterned tapes – fingers crossed

  428. Cathy says:

    Fun tape- yes!

  429. Anonymous says:

    so many replies, i think i need to go for shopping!

  430. mary lou bethune says:

    I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner in North Carolina and as a break for myself I am entering the contest for the delightful paper things from Japan. Thank you!

  431. Teena says:

    From Toronto, just discovered your site and love it! You Swedes have such amazing taste!

  432. quemonique says:

    oh, i love those tapes so much! such beautiful patterns… thank you for the chance to dream about them a bit!

  433. niespa says:

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  434. stephanie says:

    very pretty, I’m in.
    Thank you!

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    Åh, vem vill inte vinna japanskt tejp liksom? Jag vill!
    Underbar inspirerande sida. Tack!

  438. Emma says:

    ah how sweet! maybe my lucky day..

  439. lisa says:

    dat ziet er geweldig uit! (that looks great)xx from Apeldoorn

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    I’m feeling lucky. :) Loving your site.

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    wow! congratulations on your new webiste, looks great! and what a nice giveaway to celebrate! xx

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    Your new site is just too cute.

  443. dreambird says:

    yum! i’ve long been in love with patterned tape, but haven’t broke down to buy any yet. maybe it’s time…

  444. Amandarae says:

    Delightful new site. I always enjoy your thoughtful posts.

  445. I can’t believe that’s masking tape…how cool! Great Giveaway, and your site looks amazing too:)


  446. Stella says:

    Oh please!

  447. nes says:

    this would make me even happier when giving away winterpresents. with that cozy thought i will fall asleep now.. and hope. zzzzzz

  448. rebecca says:

    So pretty! Hope I win!

  449. ylva says:

    incredibly pretty! and so is the new website :), even if the flux is not cooperating with me right now :/.

  450. Terri says:

    Yes~! These are fantastic, pretty pretty pleeeeease!

  451. elizabeth says:

    yummy! love these! thanks.

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    Fingers crossed!

    Love the new spot :)

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  454. wulafit says:

    adorable. love it to the bone

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    love the new web, love the give away! Love those tapes too =) YIPPIE!!

  456. Jacqui Dodds says:

    Looks like I am just in time – lovely Japanese paper goods must check them out.

  457. OMG a lot of comments! Hope I’m the lucky one, love masking tape, can a girl have ever enough?

  458. katja says:

    how lovely, i wish we had shops with such nice material. love it!

  459. thanks for sharing, I love it.

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  461. anneli says:

    Great new site!

  462. heather says:

    loving your new site, perfectly coloured for winter! love your illustration based work too, it’s always inspiring.

  463. Adrienne says:

    What a festive treat this will be for someone – hopefully me!!!

  464. lovely! skulle inte sitta fel!

  465. Marieke Ruts says:

    Wow! What a nice and beautiful colorfields on the photo’s! It gives me a fine spring-feeling in these cold and rainy dutch-winterdays. Thank you.

  466. Keosun says:

    Congrats to your new homepage. Ir’s really gorgeous

  467. Kika says:

    I’ve been eyeing these forever!They’re beautiful!

  468. JEMD says:

    I visit here often – what you choose to show is lovely and fresh and pleasing! Thanks!

  469. Nikko Moy says:

    Happy Holidays!

  470. paula silva says:

    love the tape! :)

  471. Patricia says:

    Would love these yummy goodies.

  472. Marit G. says:

    Great giveaway:) I have a major crush on all Japanese crafty goods these days, so it would be a real treat to win:)

  473. Ruby says:

    A little tape
    I hope to get.
    But if I don’t,
    I’ll still smile.

  474. jezahel says:

    j’aime beaucoup ces “tapes” et je sais déjà comment les utiliser!

  475. Camila F. says:

    Best giveaway ever! There’s nothing better than japanese masking tapes. Looooooove.

  476. Siena says:

    Yes! Funny tape.

  477. Yes this is wonderful. je croise les doigts xxx Bonne chance for the new look web site.

  478. May says:

    oh i’m so late in entering this, but might as well give it a shot!

  479. maria says:

    grattis till din nya fina sida! snygg!
    och wow, JAG vill vinna;))

  480. birte says:

    thanks for hosting your ever inspiring site and yes i’d really like to win the tape

  481. mariló says:

    I love them!!! I will use them everywhere I can: pictures, walls, notebooks, books,magazines, newspapers, mirrors, windows, curtains, bottles, cups, tables, chairs…

  482. heodeza says:

    Yey! I love Uguisu!

  483. claire says:

    Fingers crossed! Me please. x

  484. margot says:

    ooooo.. pick me!!!

  485. malin says:

    jag har trånat efter washitejp på avstånd ett bra tag nu – det vore fantastiskt att vinna ett par!

  486. Zoe says:

    I want to win!!!

  487. wow ! I love masking tape :)

  488. Anna says:

    Fin blogg du har. Min son, som gillar att klippa och tejpa skulle bli lycklig om vi vann så fin tejp.

  489. reka says:

    is it too late? I love them!

  490. Kaity says:

    Lovely site!

  491. Kati says:

    Hej! My girls and I have a tape addiction!! Congratulations on your new site.

  492. holly says:

    Great new site! FUN giveaway!

  493. jm says:

    fingers crossed for beautiful things!!

  494. kristen r. says:

    oh please please please

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  496. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. This has been an inspiration for me. I’ve passed this on to a friend of mine.


  497. DotyDot says:

    I love your giveaway! =)

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