Snowflakes, all year round

As you might saw at Instagram if you’re follower, we will have snowflakes waiting for us in the windows when we get back, in spring.

More here and here. How to Make Paper Snowflakes, You tube.

This was a while ago, fun to see it in print finally. Home Swede home.


7 Responses to Snowflakes, all year round

  1. Deborah Beau says:

    Love your world Elisabeth – the snowflakes are beautiful and so is your country home.

  2. bmo says:

    och här blev jag sittandes när det var tända i spisen jag skulle…och blev påmind när jag kom till vedboden…fint och fina bilder och klippa snöflingor får det bli snart…

  3. barbro ilvemo says:

    I use the snowflake technique to decorate my cakes. Cut a snowflake from a A4 folded square. Make a circle, cut the holes and the size becomes perfect for an ordinary cake. Use powder sugar over the surface and lift the snowflake gently from the cake. One just has to remember that the pattern is made from the holes, not from the paper.

  4. Lovely Idea! I just shared this on my facebook page. With refferal link of course ;-)

    and I will do it surely with the kids

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