Annacate lives here 4

William Morris Honeysuckle.


Below William Morris Golden Lily.


“Just my cup of tea”.


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7 Responses to Annacate lives here 4

  1. such beautiful inspiration! thank you!

  2. Jutta says:

    It’s so nice to see Golden Lily in a real home, it’s even more beautiful than I thought. We are planning to wallpaper one room with it, but I’m constantly second-guessing myself and thinking whether another wallpaper from William Morris would be better. Too many great choices!

  3. georgia says:

    i am so incredibly smitten with her home and her sense of style. i would never ever leave such a quaint and well put together place as that. i can see why you like it too. reminds me so much of your style as well… so relaxed and utterly unpretentious. i looked at nearly her entire blog after your first post. she is as beautiful as her home, and her daughter is precious. i love that she has your lovely dishes and that you photographed them here too. so much to adore here. so glad you discovered her and shared her home.

  4. Deborah Beau says:

    Just so lovely. I grew up surrounded by William Morris wallpaper and patterns. Feels like home!

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