Annacate lives here 3

Once upon a time this apartment was a shop. The door to the street is hidden behind the William Morris wallpaper. The concrete glass and big windows placed at top of the high walls gives the rooms a soft, nice light. Not only the floors are painted, but the stairs as well. Different shades of green runs like a red (!) thread through the interior.

I love how they how they made ​​use of the height of the room with String shelfs.

The iron furnitures on the yard has beautiful rust and oxidation which makes them look older than they actually are. Cattis bought them at Indiska just a couple of years ago.

Rusty and beautiful Pinterest board.

A lot of CDs and a lot of bronze details.


3 Responses to Annacate lives here 3

  1. Mariela says:

    So many lovely things to see, love how all the books are on the wall.


  2. Laura says:

    Great inspiration!

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