Annacate lives here 2 / Stella’s room

Even though this home goes under the label “apartment” it actually feels more like a little villa. The apartment has for example two floors. On the top floor there is a hallway, a bedroom, bathroom and the 6-year old Stella’s room.

Painted wooden floors. The family had to renovate quite a lot when moiving in four years ago. I got to see some photos how the apartment look before – really it looked like a complete other place.


As you might got a glimpse of in the last post, the apartment walls are decorated with a bunch of William Morris most beautiful wallpapers. Rests of those wallpapers are reused in a creative way in Stella’s room.

3 more posts from Annacate coming up!


5 Responses to Annacate lives here 2 / Stella’s room

  1. What a fun room! I love all the pops of color against the white. I’m also intrigued by the painted floor. I’m actually thinking to try that out in our kitchen. :)

  2. Inger Marie says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

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