Annacate lives here

I really like Instagram, the peeps into peoples everyday life. When I first stumbled on Annacate‘s Insta I pressed “follow” immediately. Not only did I felt honored discovering they had a lot of Fine Little Day products laying around in their beautiful apartment, but what an apartment! From the pictures I guessed that they lived somewhere in New York, London (still very cool places for me ;) or something. Then I saw that the apartment were located in Sweden, and after a while I realized that the family lives here in Gothenburg. This was some time last year. After following the account a couple of months I had the nerve to ask if I could come and visit. And yesterday I did.

This place is actually located not far from where I live. I could never guess that something so special could hide among the “ordinary” houses in Majorna. The apartment (from the pictures I first thought it was an old villa) is home for three. Cattis, Robert and Stella 6 years old.

As you might understand this visit will be showned in several posts. Could have stayed for days and photographed, and socialize with the uber nice lady of the house.

Also check out Cattis blog Another side of life.


5 Responses to Annacate lives here

  1. Ann Flowers says:

    What a neat discovery! I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  2. Oooh fun! I love discoveries, thanks for sharing. :) Looking forward to the next updates!

  3. Inger Marie says:

    I totally love this place!

  4. Helenb says:

    I love her instagram have followed her for a quite awhile now her use of wallpaper got me in!


  5. lisen says:

    oh yeah! kaprifoltapeten, älskarn
    himla fint, allt!

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