Curated by Fine Little Day – Wooden Village by Steffie Brocoli

Friday is here already and so is the fifth and final motif in the Curated by Fine Little Day wallpaper collection. A collaboration between Fine Little Day’s Elisabeth Dunker and Photowall.

The final wallpaper is called Wooden Village and is made by talanted Steffie Broccoli. Steffie is a French illustrator who lives and works in Paris, has studied graphic design and engraving. Now days she is a pattern designer, illustrates children’s books and work with different assignments and collaborations. Like the wonderful world map she made for Fine Little Day shop.

In the colors of the Tricolour, Steffie’s imaginatively village with decorated houses is like a fairy tale.

Well, that’s all folks – all five wallpapers is now presented. Amazing, are they not. If you like any of them particular much you will have the chance to win one of them in a coming post. Be sure to peep in here to enter a giveaway hold by Photowall this weekend.

Many thanks Mogu, Steffie, Kindra, Cecilia and Klara, Im so greatful and proud that you wanted to participate in this project.

And a big thank you Photowall for making it all possible.


5 Responses to Curated by Fine Little Day – Wooden Village by Steffie Brocoli

  1. Damaris says:

    Steffie’s has to be my favorite (I also love her world map, the details are incredible). I have enjoyed all the wallpapers presented! Mogu’s was also a favorite.

    The cat, you and us

  2. Congrats on the amazing project, Elizabeth & Artists! All the talent and creativity are just beyond words. <3 One question: all of them are removable, like the scalloped one? I've been craving something easy for my place, as I cannot do major changes. Again, congrats and all the success! xo

  3. Jannicke Eline Jacobsen says:

    Så denne konkurransen på Instagram, og måtte jo selvsagt prøve om jeg kunne være heldig. Min favoritt er Fir Forest, den er både spennende og veldig fin. Nå krysser jeg fingrene og håper jeg kan være skikkelig heldig :)

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