Curated by Fine Little Day – Scallops by Klara Bothén

Tuesday comes with wallpaper number 2 in the Curated by Fine Little Day collection, a collaboration with Swedish Photowall.

A couple of years ago artist Klara Bothén visited me in the studio and brought a bunch of the loveliest mittens which we all immediately fell in love with. The mittens was hand knitted from wool that Klara’s mother and grandmother dyed with forest plants and herbs back in 1982. The pattern has now turned in to a wallpaper named, you guessed it, Scallops.

This version of Klara’s Scallops began as a card. I’m not a handy lady but the removable, self-adhesive wallpaper that you can choose to get a wallpaper in at Photowall sure is practical and easy to manage. Much easier than an ordinary wallpaper in my opinion + it is attachable not only on walls.

Above drawer unit Helmer, Ikea. Laundry basket, Granit.

Klara Bothén is a newly graduated artist/designer from Sweden. She has studied textile design at HDK/Steneby, she runs the blog Bergslagsgatan and work in Fine Little Day studio.

Tomorrow – Mogu Takahashi‘s wallpaper!


4 Responses to Curated by Fine Little Day – Scallops by Klara Bothén

  1. M says:

    Love this, want this.

  2. bmo says:

    så bra att de är självhäftande…supersnyggt!

  3. salima says:

    Very good ideas for walls!!
    dar amïna

  4. salima says:

    Very good ideas for walls!!

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