Curated by Fine Little Day – Mogu by Mogu Takahashi

Japanese artist Mogu Takahashi has made motif number 3 in the Curated by Fine Little Day collection, a collaboration with Fine Little Day and Swedish Photowall. The wallpapers name is – Mogu!


Once you get past the wonderful, playful aesthetic of Mogu’s drawings, paintings, dolls, sculptures, installations, ceramics etc the sheer quantity and quality of it all hits you. Her work come out of a practice of drawing that almost never stops. Last year I had the honor to arrange a solo exhibition by Mogu at Fine Little Day Studio here in Gothenburg and was struck by her massive outpouring of imagery.

A whimsical and totally charming imagined world.

Don’t miss Cecilia Pettersson’s wallpaper, tomorrow!


8 Responses to Curated by Fine Little Day – Mogu by Mogu Takahashi

  1. Kindra says:

    OHHHH, this is so great. Mogu, this is an awesome pattern! +++ Elisabeth, thanks for putting this all together——it’s really exciting to see the different patterns.

  2. Melissa Jean says:

    Mogu is my favorite artist!

  3. bmo says:

    den här ska jag ha i mitt dockskåp snart…Mogu gör verkligen alldeles fantastiskt fina saker…

  4. Mariela says:

    Love this one, so great!!

  5. så kul att se dessa tapeter “curated by Fine little Day”! Gillar verkligen Mogu skarpt. Skall bli kul att se Cissis imorgon

  6. Helenb says:

    right up my alley!

    love her work


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