Our house. For sale

I never thought I would write this. Our house.
Our love. Or maybe mostly my (and my husband’s) love.

This would be our third year. If. But we have decided to sell.
I know that the kids will be older, and maybe they would appreciate it in the future. But the thing is the location is a bit in the wrong direction for us. That is the two. Reasons.

My family (mother, father, siblings) are living in the north of Sweden. My husband’s family are living in the south. Our house is located somewhere in the middle. Småland. How I love Småland. Literal ‘small land’. The land of the thousands lakes.

This is where we have spent the last years of summers.

It is a bit odd post this. Because the decision is kind of taken. But on the other hand we are eager to that the house gets good new owners. Want to tell a bit more about this amazing place. Tomorrow.


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  1. Mimmi says:

    Omg is it true you are selling this dream place?!! Wish I could buy it. I would love it, take good care of it.

    What about all the lovely furnitures Elisabeth? Will you sell them as well? Must call the bank on Monday ;)

  2. wow, I can’t believe it actually sort of hurts to read this! I remember how much you were searching for a summer house and it seems so magical.. småland can be pretty magical.

    I often dream of a place like that, but I know it would have to be close to where we live. So close that you could just go there on a whim one afternoon.

    Good luck sweet house!

  3. maria says:

    oh Elizabeth, like Mette said I remember how you wrote about the search and how you finally found this space and how every room shows how much you love it. I loved the photos, also as this house looks a bit like the picture I had in my mind while reading Astrid Lindgren books. A house in Småland. It wouldn’t make any sense to keep it and rent it out for holidays on Air BNB or anything like that? If I would live in Europe, I would plan a holiday to this house right away! x

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Maria, we talked about rent it out. But then we would have the main responsibility for it still and would have to not only arrange the house before (and maybe after), and take care of it during the year still. It would mean more work than pleasure I’m afraid. But it truly is a special place. If i where a film maker or something, looking for an authentic house from the 40-50′s I would consider buying it ;)

  4. H. says:

    Gosh I would bought the house just for the furnitures, are they really coming along?

  5. Kylie says:

    Oh how sad! I love your place. But yes, sometimes these decisions just have to be made :( I hope you find a lovely new owner for it.

  6. Ewa says:

    Have you decided a price yet Elisabeth? I am a speculator ;)

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Ewa, if we are selling we would at least like to have what we gave for it + outlays. Which will be around 600 000 Swedish crowns as a whole. About $90 000 / €70 000

      Gosh feels weird to think in terms of selling. Guess I have to get use to it ;)

  7. Erin says:

    I think my heart may be breaking…

    So sad…so, so sad.

    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it vicariously.

    Will there be another house somewhere?

  8. Stel says:

    Sad for you. We have sold and moved on twice – it’s so difficult, leading up to the decision! But once it’s made, it’s easier. Hoping that you’ll find another lovely home.

  9. Silvia says:

    Sad for you to hear this. But perhaps this will make room for a new house in a better location. Anyway, good luck with finding new owners to take care of your beautiful house! I wish I could buy it… :)

  10. Hermine says:

    Wished it could be my home. And wished I could say to you “I will take good care of your house. And you can always visit.”

    Good luck.

  11. Francesca says:

    i’m sorry that you have to sell it, Elisabeth. but this house has been good to you for this short time, and there will be a better country home for you, in a more convenient location. good luck!

  12. wsake says:

    i´m so sorry for you
    and i´m hoping you find an even better place someday
    and keep all those beautiful memories

    it was such a lovely story
    about finding and spending time in your little dream house

  13. teak tray says:

    really sorry to hear about it. but I also understand that it can be difficult to own such a place far away from where you live. good luck!

  14. Agnes says:

    Dear Elisabeth, this is sad to hear. But also nice, because you will have the opportunity to move to something else, right?! Life is full of changes… I would LOVE to purchase that gem. Please inform me to any further informations. It would suit us quite perfect! Our kids are still small (a boy of 5 years and a girl of 3 month) – they would love it. Take care, best, Agnes

    • Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

      True Agnes, opportunities are nice and changes can be good. We have had great years at this place, but I’m sure the greatness will not end. Let’s agree about a bright future, right? :)

      I’ll post more details about the house in a moment. Please mail, or comment if you have any more questions.

  15. aw, that must be hard! it is so beautiful, wish i could have it!

  16. Oh My Goodness! I want to visit before the chance has gone!!!

  17. lianne says:

    Hi Elisabeth, can imagine it feels strange and sad, it truly is a gorgeous and very photogenic little house. Something good will come out of this though, it always does. There is a new love in a better location waiting to be discovered and treasured by you…

  18. bmo says:

    och när barnen är i de där åldrarna när de inte vill följa med har man inte mycket val…hoppas ni hittar nåt annat bra ställe så småningom…sommarhus är mysiga.

  19. vesle serena says:

    Your beautiful house! And the price is good as well. I so wish I lived a bit closer. It was a pleasure to look at the beautiful pictures from the House, but, you will find something else, something even more perfect. Good luck!

  20. Mary says:

    I’m going to miss your little house. Hope you find something equally lovely closer to your folks.

  21. laia says:

    One thing I’m certain of after years of visiting your blog is that wherever you go next, you’ll spot great beauty.

  22. lisen says:

    ånej, vad tråkigt! :( förstår att det måste vara svårt att lämna det! Men skräcken man ibland kanske också kan känna inför att just skaffa o köpa torp/hus/lght/bil (ej djur) kan också lugnas av att man faktiskt just kan sälja det igen sen,,,att det går, när livet ändras för en ny tid. Även om man inte helst vill tänka på det när man köper. Men ja, man kan ha det en stund o njuta, o man ångrar inte att man haft det de där åren… Hoppas det kommer kännas bra trots allt.

  23. morgane says:

    oh, so sad… this house was yours. so yours…

  24. Catarina says:

    I hope you’ll find someone special to take good care of this beautiful house..

  25. jess says:

    Oh Elisabeth, I’m sorry I’m catching up on all this now.
    Oh I’m so sad for you, I know how you love and adore this place. How it is special to you.
    My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner.
    love xo

  26. Nida says:

    I just got to know about your house through Pinterest. I must say your house is very very beautiful. I would love to have this kind of house for myself :) … I am interested in knowing the price you would like to quote for this house. Also, I am a foreigner but I would like to purchase the house if it is in my range. Will it be possible for you to sell this house to a foreigner? Awaiting Response. Thanks

  27. famapa says:

    jag är lite sent ute här, men fy vad sorgligt! önskar att ni kunde hitta en tom tomt och bara plocka ner och sen bygga upp huset igen. hoppas att nästa ägare är lika respektfulla som ni varit. du måste göra en bok med bilderna därifrån – du har fångat en sån fin känsla i dina bilder därifrån. jag hoppas innerligt att ni hittar nånting fint (finare?) i ett bättre läge. lycka till!

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