And palms

This place. Even better than expected. Friendly folks, the food, palms and surreal beaches.

Ok I’m fully aware of the disturbing, perfect postcard feeling in these photos, but I couldn’t help myself. Might have shown you my disfigured, patchy tan instead. Don’t get it, I did use sunscreen..

Palms by Fredrich Kuhn

Venice Beach Palms

Palms kids clothes

Palm necklace

Favorite mug with palms, and camels


10 Responses to And palms

  1. Martin says:

    Looks like Hikkaduwa is the place to be!

  2. deborah says:

    Love the second photo of your daughter!

  3. nalle says:

    The beach looks amazing.
    We got snow.

  4. Louise says:

    You are so right to go away. I am fed up of being cold!

  5. sevda says:

    she is so beautiful!

  6. bmo says:

    ser ljuvligt ut, vackra bilder och somriga finlänkar…njut bara…

  7. I needed a post like this. I’m dreaming of traveling. haha, I actually was looking at videos of our trip to Croatia last summer this morning…just cause I NEEDED to see myself in the sea. :)

    Cheers from Chicago!

  8. Mariela says:

    Look really nice,enjoy the weekend!

  9. Barbara B. says:

    looks perfect!!!!
    enjoy these beautiful days.
    with love

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