Klara Persson’s new book

Swedish illustrator and author Klara Persson is a rising star. Last year I had the opportunity to oppose on her debut children’s book Molly & Sus, published by Urax. The same book was awarded with the Slangbellan prize for young debutants from the Swedish Writer’s Union a couple of weeks ago.

This new book Maximilian och Minimilian is as much feast for the eye as Klara’s first book. The humoursome skewness is still there. And the little story. Thank you Urax for bringing us quailty books.

See the book’s cover here.

Together with Camilla Engman, Klara will go to the Children’s book fair in Bologna 25–28 Mars, 2013.


3 Responses to Klara Persson’s new book

  1. Saskia says:

    So good to see such books being published and awarded!

  2. Lena says:

    Wonderful illustrations – I’d buy that book right away, but my quick research didn’t look like her work is available in english or german yet. I hope soon (or my children will have to learn swedish. And me too, I guess, since I’ll be the one reading it…)

  3. Studio Fludd says:

    Love her work! Really fine & brilliant. One of the best at the Swedish Illustrators’ exhibition in Bologna. Ciao!

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