Would use them mixed something like this. Examples how the patterns look side by side.


They would probably look very tiny in our house though, the “Floor and wall tiles for every room in your dollhouse”.


9 Responses to Tiles

  1. christine says:

    beautiful motives for stone floors on this site:http://www.emeryetcie.com/fr/quoi/carrelages/ciment/et-cest-nouveau/geometriques/….

  2. L says:

    Elisabeth! har du sett dessa: http://www.designergolv.se/mijoerkelim.html

    …jag vill ha herringbone…!

  3. Louise says:

    Oh, those are adorable! For the chicest dolls house around…

  4. Rosa Maria says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    As usually, beautiful fotos, thanks for your blog.
    I sugest you (sorry for my english) go to Google and write
    Mosaicos hidraulicos
    I think you like
    Bye bye and think one day come to Portugal
    Rosa Maria

  5. Rosa Maria says:

    I forgot
    Google Images, ok ?
    Rosa Maria

  6. Rosa Maria says:

    I´m going read something about (in english) … and, in Portugal, we have many many tiles, and, hidraulique tiles, and respectiv draws have diference
    Rosa Maria

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Good tips Roa Maria, thank you!
    I would love to come to Portugal some day :)

  8. rike says:

    those pics remind me of our home in east germany. the old house had a beautiful patterned floor in the hallway. i miss it.

    (send you some light!)

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