Brass details and art in Stockholm

The weekend was good. A lot thanks to the nice weather, smooth arrangements, dear friends and the hotel I had the luxury to stay at (through Blogger’s Inn). Scandic Grand Hotel is a new hotel but the house dating back to the 1800s. The interior – urban industrial lifestyle style. Eclectic, arty, wood, tiles, a lot of brass details. Everything very well thought through, but in a laid back sense. The concept also flirts with the theatre neighbourhood. As said, I got seduced.

Also fell for Andreas Braun’s art which hanged in the cafe’ part. Andreas actually hold his first vernissage ever this weekend. And I bought a painting.

No webpage yet for Andreas. But soon?

Yes Stockholm treated me well. The Moderna Museet, Fotografiska, Konst-ig, Deborah and more.

Looking for a good guide to Stockholm? Check out Emma’s.

Nice Darling Clementine’s news.


8 Responses to Brass details and art in Stockholm

  1. Delphine says:

    There are some really interesting things in these photos :)
    I really like the light fixture!

  2. wsake says:

    YAY to brass details! looks like you had a fabulous time… very nice!

  3. Looks like you had some great fun and gathered some sweet inspiration as well!xx

  4. Mihaeko says:

    So many new sights, almost overwhelming! So pretty there.

  5. Love the heart locks on the fence like it is in Paris – have always wanted to play with that concept.

  6. Amielle says:

    That light fixture is brilliant!And I love the table tops.

  7. Eriiza says:

    Hej, ser att du bor i/strax utanför Göteborg, vet inte om du
    söker lägenhet eller så, eller vet någon som gör,
    men OM du gör det, kolla min blogg, var idag med
    om ett bedrägeri just gällande lägenhet, gäller
    mestadels just Göteborg och Stockholm.
    Vill bara varna så många som möjligt!

  8. you make me wanna visit Stockholm this winter:) we were planning on doing it in the summer but didn’t work out and now my son Olaf is asking to go in winter (brrrr, cold and dark;)))

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